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Over at Read Write Web last week there was an interesting article called How The Web is Transforming Personal Finance. Read Write Web is all about the advancements in web technology and often has articles about the next big web thing or highlights of some awesome new tool on the web that someone has created. I am somewhat surprised to see anything about personal finance on their site, but the web certainly has transformed personal finance.

This article is actually the first in a three month long series about personal finance so I am pretty excited to see what this web news site can dig up on personal finance, what tools they will be able to find and share with their readers, and what their general perspective is on personal finance. I will certainly share any other useful tidbits I find during their series.

This first article gave some highlights on and on mobile personal finance, both of which I have talked about before. Here is what they had to say about

Mint stood out from the pack early on because the company made it extremely easy to keep track of all your expenses. After giving Mint access to your bank and credit card account, the service simply downloads your financial information at regular intervals and organizes it. Mint can even track your 401(k) for you.

Some other budgeting tools mentioned in the article are Wesabe, which has been a long time supporter of, moneyStrands, Geezeo and Kublax which is a service for U.K. users.

For the mobile world, the article mentions Wesabe and Mint’s mobile apps as well as the fact that many banks are making in house applications for the growing smart phone users of the world such as Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo.

Over the last few years, the web has clearly transformed the way we use personal financial software.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this series pans out and if you like, you can subscribe to their feed. They put out a ton of articles a week, most of which focus on the next new thing or whats hot in the web right now..really geeky stuff, but if you are that type, they are an awesome source for new tools.

Nothing sponsored here, I am just excited that a very big site outside of the general personal finance world is getting into the action.

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