The Key To Success Is Initiative and Followthrough

Invention – the introduction of new and exciting methods, materials, devices or whatever that usually make like better. While some of the most major inventions in human history came ages ago namely the telephone, electricity, and the Internet, they have changed life as we know it and every single day something new is invented. Every day, people just like you and me, as well as those that professionally discover, use creativity to solve the problems of the world and sometimes get rich in the process.

Many of you may have heard of the recent Autonomous Car invented and being tested in public by none other than Google. While these cars are years away from mass production according to the New York Times, they have been tested publicly with real world drivers all around them for over 1,000 miles unattended and 150,000 with the slightest human interaction. During all that driving, the only accident reported by the Google engineers was when another driver rear-ended one of the autonomous cars at a traffic light.

This invention could certainly change the way the world works. Imagine never having to deal with traffic again because all cars are 100% automated, can drive much closer together while maintaining fast speeds and avoiding all of the human elements of failure such as drowsy, drunk or just plain oblivious driving.

Now imagine you are the guy that came up with the idea, instead of Google. Can you imagine the wealth and acclaim that would come with such an invention? Perhaps because it is Google, one of the biggest innovators of our time, that actually put this age-old idea into reality that causes us to downplay it’s significance, but if one single person were to come up with this and manufacture, test and produce these cars, he or she would probably end up with a Nobel Prize.

While I am not about to claim the fame behind these cars and the fact that autonomous vehicles have been in development since the late 1960’s makes that impossible for any one person to do, I want to share a realization I had when I read this NYTimes article about the new Google cars; I had an idea for a very similar car, driving mechanism, traffic database and even sketched out the blueprints for them almost five years ago and reading this article made me realize that even though I have no scientific background and I have no real funds or resources to put my ideas into action, I do have ideas that could change the world, and so do you.

We live in a world full of self-made millionairess that came up with an idea and put the wheels in motion to make that idea a reality, no matter how stupid it sounded. These people took a chance, spent their own time and money to develop their ideas, and in return for their courage were rewarded with fame and fortune.

You and I both know that we have come up with inventions of our own that could have been big and instead of taking the idea and running with it, we timidly approached our friends and family to ask their opinion. We second guessed ourselves, doubted our ability and creativity and in the end, let the idea die only to see someone else resurrect it and make millions.

It may seem hard to compete with companies like Google that focus their whole company around innovation. They always seem to be coming up with the next big thing, but in reality, if you watch their company grow, many of the innovations of Google were bought and paid for from tiny little companies or even single individuals that were willing to put faith in their ideas.

When it comes to creativity and invention, you aren’t competing against anyone but yourself.

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» Jeff @ Sustainable Life BlogNo Gravatar said: { Nov 17, 2010 - 02:11:01 }

Very true statements jesse. Now lets stop blogging and get to work!

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

You got it Jeff! I’ve been sitting on some ideas that specifically prompted this post. I really need to get them rolling.

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