A Little Disappointment Never Hurt Anyone

Halloween has come and gone already. It felt like just yesterday I was making out my New Years Resolutions, one of which being to seize the day just a bit more this year. I’m happy to say that this Halloween I did that.

Where I work, every year we hold a Halloween potluck the Friday before Halloween (maybe it’s a Utah thing) and employees are allowed to wear their costumes to work to be judged in a costume competition. They are also invited to bring a dish for the potluck. The soups that are brought are judged as well and the winner gets a prize which usually includes a gift card for just enough money to cover the cost of ingredients for the soup and materials for the costume 🙂

While the last two years, I did enter the soup competition, my Chili was beat each time and I never wore a costume worth entering into the show. This year I wanted to change that so I changed my soup recipe, and planned my costume early. I wanted to show up with a bang, blow the competition away and hopefully come away with enough cash to offset my expenses.

Well, everyone was certainly surprised by the quiet IT guy when I showed up wearing this custom made Rocky costume…

but in the end, my costume didn’t place and my Chili took 3rd. I did learn a thing or two this year though:

When you think you are prepared, prepare some more.

I planned this costume six months prior to Halloween. I got pictures right from the Rocky films, and I decided exactly how I wanted everything to look but I didn’t actually start putting the costume together till early October and that’s just too late! The night before, my wife and I stayed up till 2am finishing the final details of the costume and it was pretty rough. We could have had the thing done well ahead of time and had time to relax had we started even a month earlier. No matter what you are doing, you can never be too prepared. If you think you are ready, look at things from another angle and make sure you are prepared in that way.

Prepare for defeat but don’t let it get to you.

I’m not all that competitive usually but when I go all out, I expect fully to take home the gold in whatever I am doing, and when it doesn’t happen I have a hard time looking past the failure. It’s taken me years to be able to hide my disappointment, even poorly. But defeat is a part of progress and you have to not only not let it get to you, but you have to support your competition, it’s just what being a good sport is all about. Showmanship.

If you bring the goods, you better sell them well.

I’m not very outgoing in certain situations. I’ve never been all that confident in person and when I’m surrounded by a crowd and wearing some pretty skimpy shorts, I don’t quite feel myself. I wasn’t able to sell my costume like I had planned. I had the accent, I had a well know Rocky speech ready and if I had really put my efforts into it, I probably could have won over the crowd and taken the prize. Office politics are still politics, and you have to campaign to get the votes even among friends and colleagues.

Life will throw you curve balls every time.

No matter what you do, and how well you plan, some things just won’t happen the way you think they should.

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