4 Great Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Gaming

With the advancements of technology, one thing that has emerged over the years is a more interactive, more addictive method of gaming. Things like MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and online line shoot em up games from console to PC have come across and in my opinion, taken the world by storm. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how addicting some of these games would become and what their affect on our lives would be.

I’ll confess right now that at least a few years of my life have been spent gaming; I’ve been gaming for a long, long time but I don’t mean that I have gamed for a few years. I mean is that a few literal years of my life have been spent playing games if you added all the hours together… I gamed pretty hard as a kid and can still remember the late nights —into the 3 or 4am hours (if I got any sleep at all) playing games, and then napping through some of my classes at high school. I’m not proud of that and while I do regret some things about that time I spent, hopped up on caffeine and ramen, I will say that one good thing came of that all and that is my career. Gaming gave me my first taste of the computer world and I’ve been interested ever since. I got me degree in development which was also initially sparked by gaming.

Nevertheless, I don’t game at all anymore because while I was still big into gaming my oldest daughter was born. I gamed pretty consistently through the first year of her life and I realized that I was missing way too much.

I’ve since tried to make more productive use of that time I used to spend grinding in the dungeons…

Here are four alternatives to gaming your life away:

Start a blog

One of the best decisions I ever made was starting this blog. Not only did I and do I continue to learn a ton about finance, this blog has opened so many doors in completely unrelated fields to my career, as well as some within it. I’ve gotten to know people all across the country and some in other parts of the world.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that without this blog, my career, my education and the majority of advancements in my life were a result of writing here for you.

Start a business

Online or offline, there are thousands of money making ideas out there that only take a little bit of time and dedication to get started. If you invested all the time you spend gaming (or watching TV) into an idea you have or that someone else has had for a side business, there is no limit to how far you could go. While some things take some money to get started, not all ideas do.

Learn a talent or skill

Life is so crazy, you never know what can happen. Even developing skills that you may not see the value in now, but something you are passionate about, can come in handy later and possibly could develop into something you never expected.

I’ve loved playing the piano this past few months. It’s something I always wanted to learn and now I’m finally doing it. I don’t know what could happen with it, but I do know that if I was ever put in a situation where someone asked “does anyone play the piano?” I can say, “Yes! I do.” instead of feeling bad about never learning.

Do service

I’ve always felt like the most worthwhile things in life are things you do for others. You can’t know ahead of time what blessings and benefits will come of your service to someone but time and time again, I’ve been amazed at what simply being willing can present to you in your own life.

I know gaming is fun. I know it’s addictive. But life is too short to waste it away.

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» Joseph MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Mar 2, 2011 - 12:03:00 }

I couldn't agree more. I think it's a grate way to unwind after a long day spent doing worthwhile things. but like everything else in life, needs to be taken in moderation and isn't necessary to sustain life.

» Fumio KataokaNo Gravatar said: { Mar 2, 2011 - 12:03:00 }

Surelly gaming robbed me of much time, but left me a good friend in America. 🙂

» Kevin @ Thousandaire.comNo Gravatar said: { Mar 2, 2011 - 10:03:50 }

I think gaming in moderation is good. I play about one video game start to finish every couple months. For people who are playing every day, I think they need a new hobby. But as long as the rest of their life is good and it makes them happy, then who am I to tell them what to do with their life?

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Yea, everything in moderation and gaming once in a while I don’t think is the problem. And in all honesty, it’s not just gaming that is a problem, it seems a new addiction springs up every few months from new (and old) technology. Gaming just hits home for me because I know it had a hold on me and if I didn’t drop the habit cold turkey, it may have been my name in the obituaries.

» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Mar 3, 2011 - 12:03:00 }

That's very true K. It's funny, because I don't consider any of the time I played TW to be a waste because I was learning the whole time, Kana, culture, and meeting great people in other countries. I guess that could be part of the argument for gaming now though is that it's a social event. I've even heard of people meeting their spouses through online gaming.

» EvanNo Gravatar said: { Mar 3, 2011 - 11:03:28 }

I only play one game at a time, and only after all work has been done for side businesses…but man did I spend WAY too much time playing when I was younger.

A new version of a game I used to play recently came out and I actually didn’t buy it because I knew it wouldn’t be good for me lol (CIV)

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

That’s the stance I take on TV watching.

I’ve avoided several sequels this past year because I knew I’d get too addicted! Instead, I bought their companies stock 😉

» Dr DeanNo Gravatar said: { Mar 4, 2011 - 08:03:01 }

Great advice, Jesse.

Hope it hits home to your younger (and young at heart) readers.

Any time spent on a non-productive activity can’t be re-gained.

If you are making memories with your family, or even unwinding, no problem.

Unfortunately, many don’t know when to stop.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

That’s a great way of putting it Dean, time can’t be regained. If only I had known 🙂

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