Three Ways To Bring The Magic Of Christmas Back

As kids get older, and even as adults, the magic that once filled the Christmas holiday fades into disbelief and the memory that was once something special. Some people are able to hold onto that magic far longer than others but the rest of us could use a little hand. These three tips can also help install the magic in younger children and bring a little fun back into things for your older teens. Without further ado, three tips to bring the magic back to Christmas:

1. PNP – Portable North Pole

The Portable North Pole has been around for a few years now and it has only gotten better. It allows you to create a personalized message to your child. The message can contain personal details about your child such as their hair color, age, eye color, and what fun things they did throughout the year. You can also upload pictures of these events in your kids like and the pictures will be shown and commented on by Santa himself. If you choose, you can include a picture of a gift that your child has asked for and Santa will show the picture and hint about bringing it Christmas day.

This is a great service because it is completely personal and your child will really feel the magic of Santa and think he really does see what goes on during the year.

This service also has variants for older kids, adults and corporate friends.

2. Send a Call From Santa

This service is provided by Google and uses some of the technology of Google Voice to make things even more magical.

While going through the question and answers of the Send A Call web application, you will be asked questions about your friends and given a plethora of choices to customize your message. Some of these choices are more matter-of-fact and others show some of the charm and humor that we have become accustomed to seeing in Google services. There are even subtle references to your favorite TV shows among the available answers.

Once you have answered all the questions a voice message is created for you to preview. Santa will speak the customized script you created and even say yours and the recipients name. Then you can choose to either have Santa actually call your recipient and you can have the call come from any number you choose.

This service is great for all ages because of its comical options and I’m quite surprised by how accurate Santa can pronounce names and how smooth the recording actually turns out. For those younger children, it can be a really special experience.

3. NORAD Tracks Santa

This is one of the oldest magical services that takes flight during the Christmas season and is also the most extravagant and extensive service. The basic function of the NORAD tracks Santa website is simple; it tracks Santa’s path across the globe with all the power that is NORAD. NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command and has the power to track and defend the country against airborne attacks or at least that was its original purpose. Now during the Christmas season, the NORAD defense system is used to track Santa with its satellites, radars, cameras and fighter jets (according to the website).

But the fun doesn’t stop with the flight tracking system, the NORAD Tracks Santa website is full of other goodies such as a ‘cookies eaten’ tracker, a Christmas countdown that shows elves preparing for the big night and even animated videos showing Santa flying over houses and the Earth.

Even though some of the magic of Christmas has been lost over the years, with technology, magic really is possible again.

Do you have any traditions to bring the magic home to your kids?

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