Solution Auctions Review: Your Expertise Is Worth Something

You all know of my love affair with Google. I’ve been a Google user for years and years, and would never say anything to harm our relationship 🙂 but guess what, some things simply cannot be found on Google! *gasp*

I’m sorry, it’s true…some things, even after searching for hours and hours, scouring forums and even trying out sites in different languages while leveraging Google Translate, cannot be found on the Internet through traditional means.

Having said that, there is a new method of getting answers out there called Solution Auctions.

Solution Auctions is a platform for the exchange of answers, much like Yahoo or Google Answers but there are a few things that make it different. Here’s how it works.

As a potential buyer visiting the site, you have two options to get what you need. First, you can browse answers that are already in the database. If an answer there suits what you are looking for, you can simply purchase the idea with full confidence backed by a 100% money back guarantee that it will provide exactly what you’re looking for. Or second, if you can’t find the answer you came for, you can post your question or problem and let potential sellers bid on your question. Once bidding is complete, you get the answer to your problem at the lowest bid.

As a potential seller, the role is flip-flopped. You can post answers to things in which you have an expertise. These canned answers can then be purchased by buyers. Alternately, as a potential seller, you can browse the unanswered problems and bid to answer those you feel so inclined to do so.

This new platform just launched last week, and while still in infancy, it has incredible potential and here’s why.

Everyone is an expert in something

You may have recipes past down from generations before you that no one else in the world has ever tried, or some magical method of curing the stomach flu that can’t be found in any medical journal. You may be a genius when it comes to solving the untamed world of computer problems, or a long experienced engineer with very specific knowledge backed by years of experience. In any case, you, yes you are an expert in something.

Now that we have established the fact that you are an expert, we have to approach the problem of the matter that you may not have an outlet to get paid for your expertise…until now. Not everyone is willing or has enough material to start their own website selling their expertise, but with this new platform, everything is already in place and all you have to do is provide the answers.

Truly passive income

The system is designed much like eBay, but without many of the problems people have with eBay now.

There is no inventory. Since you are selling your ideas, you have an unlimited amount of inventory and can continue selling the same solution forever.

Re-listing of auctions is automatic. Once you set up an auction, you can tell it how many times to re-list but essentially you can have it re-list forever, continually earning you money on each sale.

There are no fees to start using Solution Auctions. The only fees that you can incur by using the service are upgrade fees for auctions, and a completed sale fee.

Listing things on Solution Auctions is simple. The process, aside from writing up your solution, takes only a few minutes and you’re all set.

I see huge potential in this platform but I also see a possibility of failure; this platform relies on me and you to fill its database with answers in order for it to become useful and gain traction on the Internet.

With that in mind, check it out! See if there are any areas needing answers that you are an expert in. Bottle up your expertise for others to purchase or even post a question of your own.

I was compensated for my time when reviewing this service but I never let money influence my opinion.

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» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Oct 11, 2010 - 03:10:02 }

The time factor is one of the biggest benefits. If you lack the time to search your life away, just post and let someone else do the searching for you. Chances are someone out there has already done it and just needs to be prompted with some cash to write it up.

SaraNo Gravatar Reply:

Good point!

» MoneyconeNo Gravatar said: { Nov 2, 2010 - 06:11:08 }

I think this is a great idea. We tend to forget not all are google savvy! Depending on how successful this site it, this could be an easy way for some additional income.

BTW, great blog!

» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Nov 5, 2010 - 12:11:22 }

Thanks Moneycone! I’m glad you found this useful and thanks for the kind words!

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