Sell Your Crap Review: The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Life

Many of you may have heard of Adam Baker before. He started his blog, Man Vs Debt about the same time I started Personal Finance Firewall, and he’s been on fire ever since. The guy has taken huge and extreme steps to changing his way of life and as a result has become a very influential writer in personal finance as well as self improvement.

If you can recall, he was also a member of my weight loss team back in May when we all challenged ourselves to finally lose weight.

Adam’s newest production is titled Sell Your Crap; a guide to turn your clutter into cash.

Adam writes this guide in his usual style, no holds barred, telling it how he sees it and always backing up his claims with facts. I love his writing style, and judging by his initial and continued success as a writer, so do many of you.

This is a guide more than it in an ebook about reducing clutter. It’s focused on action, and is broken down by the mediums you will use to declutter your life. Even if you have no clutter (yea right πŸ™‚ ), for the entrepreneur in you, this guideΒ  is gold for anyone who wants to start an eBay or Amazon business selling products online.

In the main guide, Adam expresses his feelings towards clutter and the prison it creates in our lives. His argument is gripping and along with his own story of selling almost everything his family owned and moving to another country, Adam shares stories of others that have similar, and some very different goals but are all reaching them through reducing their crap possessions that are blocking their progress.

One particular tip I loved was on actually finding the clutter in your home and getting started. Adam sites a passage from Unclutterer, (paraphrased) If you don’t know where to begin, introduce a toddler or puppy into your home. They will find the clutter spots for you. I can attest to the accuracy of this statement. There are two rooms in our home that we leave the doors shut so my kids don’t go in there and play with things. I never realized it was clutter in there we were hiding from and these rooms are where I will be starting..

This main guide is just packed to the brim with great stories of others success in ridding their lives of useless clutter, completely halting consumerist habits and achieving their dreams through seeking value instead of possessions. There is action behind every story and tons of information in this guide on how to get started, and keep the clutter at bay through continued maintenance.

But honestly, the main guide left me wanting more. The stories and information Adam gives within the main guide really got the fire burning in me to get up and get rid of some crap that has filled my life and if he simply stopped there, there’s a good chance that out of frustration for not knowing exactly how to get rid of the clutter, nothing would have changed around here. Thankfully, the rest of Adam’s guide details how exactly to go about ridding your life of crap and clutter.

I started next with the Amazon Module as I’ve never listed anything there and that’s what I was most curious about. I have some books gathering dust that I actually bought on Amazon and I have been meaning to get familiar with selling things there, to get rid of these books. Here’s what I found in the guide.

I was a bit surprised by the amount of detail in this guide. Adam goes through this thing as if you have never heard of Amazon. He walks you through creating an account, choosing an account type and even has tips on creating a secure password! But the detail continued and Adam goes over every single thing you need to know to use Amazon to sell your crap, even covering some things that you won’t necessarily need but may eventually want to know if you decide to start selling things on Amazon as a business.

Next, I hit the craigslist module. Personally, I really hate selling things on craigslist as I’ve mentioned before; it’s a pain in the butt and I rarely get results. Thanks to Adams guide here, I may now know why I haven’t had results as I learned quite a few tricks for using craigslist in the guide. Adam again doesn’t skimp on the detail, and this 49 page craigslist guide is quite the arsenal for getting things sold. Adam’s wife even steps in with a case study which was really motivating.

I ventured into the eBay module last because I have sold on eBay for years and I think I know everything πŸ™‚ Not only that, I knew that this eBay module was by far the longest of the three..and I was a bit scared.

In this module, Adam has created quite the behemoth of information. He has a whole section detailing the acronyms commonly found on eBay, another on how to research what you are selling so you can pick the best category and price, and another on what exactly to do before you list an item including all sorts of tips about packaging and shipping your item.

It’s kind of funny, but back a few years ago when I was actually selling things on eBay as part of my business, I bought a guide on eBay for almost $30 that was supposed to have everything you need to know about selling on eBay; that guide was only ten pages long. Adam’s guide is 171 pages and really does cover everything you need to know if you want to sell on eBay.

Overall I can say that Adam’s guide from start to finish is a great value and if there is anything cluttering up your life, I can assure you that it won’t be around much longer after you read this guide. Adam offers the guide in two distinct packages, but at only a $10 price difference, the Clutter Crusher ($47) vs the Barebones ($37) (Affiliate link), the Clutter Crusher which includes the Amazon guide, the craigslist guide, the eBay guide, video interviews with A-list bloggers and net-celebs in the minimalist and personal finance arena, as well as 30-Day email support directly from Adam is a huge bargain. On top of all that though, Adam offers an $100 Effectiveness Guarantee, taken right from his site, “If you aren’t able to turn at least $100 worth of useless clutter into cold hard cash, just email me and ask for a refund. No questions asked, I.ll instantly refund your purchase.”

I can tell you what I will be doing for the next month..I’ve been putting off selling all the crap that is cluttering my life for at least two years but my wife will be happy to hear I plan to purge that junk right away!

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» Car CoachNo Gravatar said: { Oct 4, 2010 - 12:10:07 }

J-Man, I think I may actually get this book….looks up my alley.

Side note: A few years back I burned all my CD's onto my laptop and sold the whole lot on ebay for about $300 (about $1/CD). I was quite pleased with myself!
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Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

The information found in these guides is invaluable, I'm really curious how Adam even come to know some of this stuff and know it must have taken many months just to gather the information for the eBay guide alone. I guess I could ask him during my 30 day email support πŸ™‚ he says he will answer any questions on any topic.

» BertieNo Gravatar said: { Oct 4, 2010 - 03:10:52 }

I've been there and done the selling cd's on ebay years ago, great first steps for decluttering. Also really agree with the notion that if you think you have no clutter in your home set a toddler loose on it. So true. I need to set one around mine at the moment. Would love to read the rest of this book.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Toddlers, what can't we learn from them πŸ™‚ the main guide with Adam's story is really interesting and helpful even if you just decide to donate all your possessions πŸ™‚

» ElleNo Gravatar said: { Oct 4, 2010 - 07:10:44 }

Great job on the review Jesse! I really appreciate how Baker focuses on not just selling the junk, but gets to the root of the clutter. It is so easy to accumulate stuff- wonderful reminder to simplify.
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Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Elle, I totally agree. I have been trying to SELL all my junk the past year (by trying, I mean trying just to get around to it) but the fact of the matter is, the clutter needs to go, and if you can't sell it, donate it, throw it away, do whatever it takes to get it out of your life! πŸ™‚

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