Is Auto Assure a Scam?

If you have a radio I’m sure you’ve heard the radio commercials for Auto Assure. They go something like this, “Why pay for costly repairs when you can let Auto Assure pay them for you, use any mechanic you like and keep your hard earned money?”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The commercials don’t really make clear what the company does exactly so I’m here to tell you my thoughts on the company and what they do.

What is Auto Assure?

Auto Assure is essentially the combination of an extended warranty and an insurance policy. They have different plans you can choose from that cover different parts of the car and different repairs. When you select a plan, they take into account the age and condition of your vehicle and give you a premium that you would pay to insure your car against those repairs.

Auto Assure pays mechanics directly which allows you to use any mechanic you like. From looking at the sample contracts provided on Auto Assure’s website though it looks like you have to get claims authorized before a mechanic can do the work if Auto Assure is to pay for the repair. You are also required to properly maintain your vehicle and provide maintenance records to be eligible for Auto Assure authorized repairs.

To receive a free quote from Auto Assure you must sign up on their website and have an agent call you to discuss the options. I signed up but haven’t received a call yet and will update this post when I have an accurate price quote example.

Is Auto Assure a scam?

Well, not exactly. It’s as much of a scam as car insurance or home owners insurance is. You are paying to insure against possible risk. If that risk never comes, you’re wasting your money. If what you are insured against does happen you won’t be responsible for the costly repairs because your insurance payout will cover them.

Just like any insurance company, getting them to pay may be a problem but currently Auto Assure is registered with the BBB and has zero complaints.

Is Auto Assure for you?

Auto Assure will only cover vehicles that are past their factory warranty period but have under 150,000 miles. When a car will need a major repair depends on the car and how well it has been taken care of but typically after 100,000 miles things start to break. Based an that, Auto Assure could potentially save you money and judging by their track record I’d say they are a safe company to work with if auto repair insurance is something you are interested in.

In my personal opinion though, I have a hard enough time just paying auto insurance. I’d much rather spend money taking good care of my car and then save and budget for major expenses that may come up. That way I can control exactly where my money is and if I do have a major repair to cover, the money will be there. If those major repairs never come, that money is there for other things.

Have you used Auto Assure?

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» krantcentsNo Gravatar said: { Aug 18, 2011 - 12:08:32 }

It sounds a little like an extended warranty. I have older (16 & 14 yrs. old) cars. When I start having significant problems, it is time to sell.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

My car has about 100k miles on it and I’ll keep driving it until the end I think, which will probably be 5 more years.

J BiggsNo Gravatar Reply:

The kicker also is the exclusions which you do not get until you accept the contract over the phone. I accepted and got the exclusions. It would not cover things I was concerned about. Bottom line, I could cancel within 30 day with full refund. I did this the same day. Was treated totally unprofessional. Took 31 minutes talking to three people and at least on hold two times to get the contract cancelled. Their last ditch effort to keep my business was to cut the cost nearly in half, or at least the monthly no interest payment went from $233/month for 15 months down to $139/month. I did not get into the length to determine if it was a reduction in overall cost or just lower payments over a longer time.

» Doris MitchellNo Gravatar said: { Sep 2, 2011 - 11:09:08 }

I called the radio ad phone number. Even though my Camry has 168k miles, they offered me 5-year/100,000 mile coverage. Cost was $3207 with payment plans for 12-months, 18-months, and 24 months. My last visit to the dealer cost me $1400, so this is tempting. (I tell myself it is cheaper than a new car.)

» Doris MitchellNo Gravatar said: { Sep 2, 2011 - 11:09:47 }

Did some reading of the sample contracts on their web site ( The max payment of all claims is limited to the Actual Cash Value per NADA Guides. The ACV for my 2000 Camry is $3175. Their coverage would cost me $3207, yet the most they would pay me is $3175. That’s pretty close to a scam for my tastes. Glad I didn’t say Yes on the phone!

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

That’s interesting. I read through the samples but have yet to hear back from them regarding my quote. Thanks for sharing the info you found.

William NettNo Gravatar Reply:

I just got one of their ‘official’ looking notices in the mail today… and it screamed SCAM at me. 1. They used the official seal of the United States as their logo which I think is VERY misleading. 2. They have an (F) rating with the BBB. 3. First sentence says, “Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract updated.” Um, I’ve never had a service contract with these bozos? The letter reads on like a high pressure sales pitch before you even start to call them. I like how this letter says, “No other notices will be sent.” Yeah right… I was getting two to three of these a week. The real problem here is that this is not the only auto-warranty scam operation out there. Do your homework, check the BBB, read the reports.

Sher BachNo Gravatar Reply:

Yep…total scam..when a company tells you “you must make a decision today” over the phone and tells you you “must give them a credit card number”..without giving you anything in writing, run, Forrest, run.
I received a buttload of these offers after purchasing a used vehicle. (side note, I sold cars for a living for a minute, and we also sold the dreaded “extended warranty”) so I finally, out of curiosity, just picked one and called. Got the schpiel, and asked for it in writing…finally, after many “hold for a moment”, she sent me an email. I had no intention of buying ANY warranty, but I wanted to be informed. She waited on the phone while I opened the email. I kept telling her I was not going to EVER give her my credit card information over the phone, so she would have to wait until I had the chance to read over the contract and get back to her…BY MAIL, since that is how they contacted me in the first place. I wound up disconnecting…

BobbiNo Gravatar Reply:

Yes,it’s a scam.I get the same letters.They buy your address and phone number from the Sec of State when you register your vehicle.I have called them and repeatedly asked to stop calling and sending letters.Doesn’t work.I just filled a complaint with the BBB to have them stop.I have blocked their numbers because they call up to 9pm with their BS.I have to get up early for work and go to bed usually before 8:30 on the weekdays.Complaints on the BBB say they won’t cover anything that is rusty or leaks.What doesn’t have rust or leaks on an older car…duh!SCAM…buyer beware!

» Dee BoNo Gravatar said: { Nov 10, 2011 - 10:11:18 }

I just purhased a warranty from these guys. 2005 chevy trailblazer, 151000 mi. Just in case. They cut the price in half (from & 5000 to.$2500) and gave me an affordable payment. $108 mo. I have yet to.use it but my mechanic says its okay.

» RodgerNo Gravatar said: { Nov 18, 2011 - 07:11:44 }

This company WILL NOT pay on a claim. They says its wear and tear, and the rep Bob is VERY RUDE. DONT USE THEM YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY LIKE SO MANY WHO HAVE USED THEM

John AdamsNo Gravatar Reply:

I have to disagree I bought an extended service plan and my power window went out before I could get it fixed my CV Joint went out I took it to my Toyota Dealer I got a rental car and they fixed both problems and told me that my compressor for my A/C was out also total cost was over $2,900 not even including the rental car! I paid a $100 deductible and drove my car home two days later! I would have never had the money to pay for these repairs without the coverage. I would have probably lost my job too. I HAVE NOT 1 BAD THING TO SAY only THANK YOU!

BobbiNo Gravatar Reply:

You expect the entire forum to believe this?I’m sure you work for the company!You and your coworkers are scam(and not even close to artists)!You’re lucky you guys are in Texas……..just sayin!

Bob HoffmanNo Gravatar Reply:

Jesse! Why are you posting under a pseudonym?

» joshNo Gravatar said: { Jan 18, 2012 - 01:01:11 }

The rep I spoke to seemed pretty nice untill I called to cancel a few hours after I signed up then he became very rude and wanted to argue with me and question every reason why I wanted to cancel ,if I don’t receive my full refund in a couple days I’m filing fraud paperwork with my bank .
My recommendation would be to just save a little money out of your check every time you get paid and stay away from this company

» cljj888No Gravatar said: { Feb 3, 2012 - 09:02:38 }

My car is 10 yrs old with 75k miles on it. I called this company last week after viewing their website. The rep told me that could give me a quote over the phone but if I did not purchase the insurance then they could not offer me that quote again. I told them that seemed ridiculous to me. We debated the merits. I told him I was simply looking around and want to continue my due diligence on this issue before I decide on one. We then agreed that he would NOT give me a quote, but encouraged me to look around and then call him back. They are the best in town…he said. I don’t know if that is the case…anymore.

» frank roblesNo Gravatar said: { Feb 3, 2012 - 05:02:09 }

If u say no they get piss off

CaroNo Gravatar Reply:

I got a post card in the mail and called them up to see what kind of deal this was. I got all the info and told him I had to talk to my husband about it,and if he could send me some info through email. Well this guy did not want to get me off the phone till I bought something. He was so ridiculous that he said he was doing his job and had 2 kids to feed at home. I guess he took me as a sucker since I was a woman. But I told him a couple of words about him self and hung up on him. What kind of buisness pressures to buy something with an argument. I wouldn’t touch this company even if they were rated the best with an a*****e salesman like that.

» TJNo Gravatar said: { Feb 15, 2012 - 07:02:32 }

I do not recommend this company! Anyone that won’t give you the opportunity to do your homework and compare is trying to force feed and possibly hide something! The salesperson was nice but when the finance manager came online the “HARD SELL” started! They had a pushy reponse to EVERYTHING I asked! I eventually hung up!

Anybody that tries to “take you fast” is definitely trying rush you by the “FINE PRINT” or the “SAWDUST IN THE TRANSMISSION”!!!

Know what I mean!!!

» Steve in ILNo Gravatar said: { Apr 12, 2012 - 03:04:44 }

This company sent me faux-official junk mail 7 days after I got into an accident. Thing is, they think I’m the owner of the car, and in that accident there was only one party who would not have been fully aware of who owns the car — the other guy and his American Family Insurance. So unless the other guy works there himself, this means Am Fam fed/sold them my personal information. I just wanted to get that out there.

» Someone in MissouriNo Gravatar said: { May 21, 2012 - 10:05:28 }

Here is my Auto Assure story,
I called for a quote on my truck. After giving them all the info on myself and my 2003 Ford F150 with 140k miles (bought new by myself in 03) , they said my truck was high risk, then gave me a price of $4000!!!!!

Then they said if I didn’t sign up by the end of the phone call I could never be covered by them because it protects them. Talk about high pressure sales!


On a 2003 Ford F150 4×4, they wanted $3500 (and that was with a $500 so so-called discount).

It infuriated me so much that I didn’t even get a chance to talk over spending $3500 with my wife.
If I hung up they will never cover me! What a JOKE
So when you call for a price, they’ll get your VIN number then pressure you into saying yes or no right there.

DO NOT USE AUTO ASSURE, this marketing practice speaks VOLUMES about their company.

» DanNo Gravatar said: { May 31, 2012 - 10:05:44 }

Auto Assure is absolute BS. After cancelling the service, which is not all that difficult, I heard one of their ads on the radio. Just as I was mislead, they say wouldn’t have to worry about “covered” repairs. Then the ad says something like never worry about any repairs you have. I had about $1000 worth of work needed on my truck at its 120K mi check up and they denied coverage on all of it. Sure, I understand not covering fluids and filters, but the majority of the repairs, like bearings, etc, were rejected.

The biggest clue that this is BS is that when you call in for information about the insurance, they get some identifying info, then tell you that you have to sign up on that call and will not be offered coverage if you choose to call back. It is a pressure sales technique. Their response to any misgivings is that you have 7 days to review it once you get the coverage in the mail.

Before they “accept” you, some guy comes on the phone and says sometimes people have something wrong with their vehicle so get coverage and use it immediately, and that they don’t like that. It felt a little threatening, but they’d probably just deny coverage anyway.

After getting the package in the mail, and reading everything, it seems like a great protection plan. That is, until you have to get repairs on your vehicle.

Mine was $3000, paid over 3 years, for 5 years of coverage. I think they make plenty of money from people that sign up and pay in until they need coverage and find they won’t cover anything. They made three months payments off me.

Just save your money up (I know that can be hard, but try) and build your savings account… that’ll be a much better investment

» Houston Gold BuyerNo Gravatar said: { Jun 1, 2012 - 10:06:16 }

Auto Assure isn’t really a scam but is just completely misleading. All of the “covered” repairs do not include a lot of the general maintenance items or even random failure of more common parts. I have heard it almost always only covers catastrophic failure of certain parts which is just stupid. Like Dan said above, a savings account that gains interest would be a much better investment!

» Indiana HoosierNo Gravatar said: { Jun 4, 2012 - 02:06:05 }

Today I contacted Auto Assure and the guy was attempting to pressure sell me into a policy. The thing is I actually liked the concept of an Assurance Policy so it was not a hard sale.

The problem I had is the fine print after I got into the policy.

I have a 2002 Buick with 169k miles on it. I just purchased this from a used car dealership and in the fine print if I do not have all the documentation they will deny the claim if they see fit. Even though I’ve had a 121 point inspection on the vehicle and keep up with the maintenance they can claim almost anything is wear and tear because of the mileage on the Vehicle.

I thought about it and called and wanted to cancel the policy and this is where they got RUDE

The guy I spoke with named “Chris” basically kept on me about why I wanted to cancel and then when he realized I just had no use for this policy he basically became really upset and was like “we’ll take your card out see you”

he kept saying “Whatever dude see you” real professional

Jeremy HaynesNo Gravatar Reply:

yeah i just cancelled my policy with the same chris mohr guy he laughed at me and could care less. This is the biggest scam ive ever been apart of i really got screwed on this one I payed $700 and im not even gonna get $100 back after cancelling I never used the policy and they took $124 out of my checking for 7 months before i cancelled because they were giving me the run around for a month trying not to fix my car and then told me they weren’t even affiliated with the claims company who pays out. This company blows and the owner should be in jail.

» RhondaNo Gravatar said: { Jun 4, 2012 - 10:06:39 }

Last night I inquired about their services. Today I received the saleman callback. He was very pleasant at first. I had to deal with the sales manager after a few minutes to find out that I was eligible for coverage for my 2004 Ford Freestar with 107,815 miles. Then they put me back on with the sales rep giving me a “hardship” price of $3,111 that I could make monthly payments on. They started with their highest policy first. When I inquired about less coverage for less money……….OH BOY THE FIREWORKS BEGAN! He told that I couldn’t possibly want less coverage on my type of vehicle. That they “fall apart at the seams the minute you roll over 100k” and would not offer any other policy options and kept asking me for my visa/mc information. I told them that I would have to discuss it with my husband this evening. He kept telling me that “what if your car broke down before he got home and injuring your children” (I haven’t even told him about any children) That was said to me 3 time. He SCREAMED at me to tell me to grow up and make a grown up decision for my family. He even suggested twice that I put the phone down and go call my husband’s cell phone “because I’m sure he has one” and I refused. I stood my ground and refused his pushy sales tactics and suggested he give me a phone number to phone back when my husband would more than likely say yes to this policy, and also asked for his name so he would get the sales credit. I cannot even tell you what he spewwed out over the phone to me after that. HORRIBLE things! I said loudly through his rant “I’m done with this sir” and he told me if I called back EVER that he would make sure that I got much less coverage for a much HIGHER price. I told him again I was done with this and hung up on him. I will NEVER do business with a company that treats potential clients like this BEFORE the sale. It was only a window of how things would be after the sale. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Sher BachNo Gravatar Reply:

Always give any of these types of company a fake phone number….if they turn out to be legit, you can always call them back and give them your real number…Dial *67 and stay in heaven….

» Edmund MilliganNo Gravatar said: { Jun 19, 2012 - 03:06:14 }

I decided to do some checking so I read tall the above comments. Unfortunately for auto assure I would be a moran to peruse this insurance.

KimNo Gravatar Reply:

Thank you all for your very informative comments. I have a 2007 Chevy Impala with only 16,485 miles and don’t really expect to have any problems anytime soon because I do keep up with the mainteinece, although you never know. I have to say though after reading these post I’ve decided that Autoassure is definitely not the way to go. I will just do as suggested and just save a little money on the side just in case.

» Jeremy HaynesNo Gravatar said: { Jul 3, 2012 - 12:07:07 }

I would have to disagree with anyone who has posted anything posistive about auto assure. I have a 2004 nissan maixma and bought a power train warranty for it, well about 6 to 7 months later my timing chain went out. We sarted the claims process on the issue with the dealership I had purchased the car from which by the way is volvo a corporate commercial franchise dealership. One month later my car was not fixed and we were getting the run around from the claims department. We contacted a guy named Dan with the claims department which never responded or called us back. Then after dealing with the hassel for a month I called to cancel and they laughed at me and said they are not affiliated with the claims company. The whole entire thing was a complete scam and all they do is try extrtemely hard to not pay out. My friend who is the service manager at Volvo said they were not professional and was the complete opposite of a traditional manufacturer warranty. The fact is just like they told me at the Nissan and Volvo dealership do not ever buy a warranty that is not from the manufacturer. To top it all off they say if you cancel your policy your refunded the money well i payed in over $700 and got none of it back. I would never recommend this company and if you read this please please please do not purchase a policy you will never get what you paid for. Even if you think your within qualifications they will find a way not to pay. I had all of my services done and oil changes done within specifications of nissan and I was still denied.

» New JerseyNo Gravatar said: { Jul 9, 2012 - 08:07:49 }

Thank you all for posting your comments. I will definitely ignore the auto assure ads from now on. I would suggest posting your comments on so that more people can be alerted to the unprofessional conduct and deceitful practices of this company.

A. in new mexicoNo Gravatar Reply:

My mom is a closet/reluctant psychic in NJ. When I told her i was going to sign up w/ Auto Assure, she freaked out on the phone. I said, “Ma, I havent even told you the terms or the cost, you havent done the math. It would pay for itself!” She said, “I dont care. I have a bad feeeling. PLEASE dont do this. I have to get off the phone now, cause my blood pressure is up” She wouldnt discuss it.
So, based on past experiences w/her “gut feelings” I got worried and googled this company. Glad I did. Thanks for your reviews.
You saved me a lot of money and stress.
*** Please report to the BBB !! Thats where most people look and u can save others from what seems to be a scam.
I will just learn to save and budget. We all need to do the same. Peace.

» DebbieNo Gravatar said: { Aug 2, 2012 - 08:08:35 }

To the Blog Owner: How about updating your post instead of leaving it give the impression that if you have the money to waste then by all means use Auto Assure! I am fairly sure that after a year they have called you back by now with their outrageous quote. Secondly, Auto Assure has had 24 Negative complaints filed with the BBB in just the last 9 months! Not the ZERO you have in your post.

Are they giving you coverage for free not to update your post?

The ONLY company anybody should buy an extended warranty from is the actual Manufacturer they bought the car from, because first it is an ACTAUL WARRANTY (not insurance) and second it WILL be honored not turned down for this or that reason. And of course if you like the dealership you bought your car from you can get an extended warranty through them/manufacturer.

I bought an extended warranty for my Explorer about 5000 miles before the factory warranty expired. It was from a major well known company that has only 2 BBB complaints in 15 years. So I figured they were legit and got the extended coverage. Well it turns out the Warranty is not a warranty it is actually insurance so unless its ACTUALLY broken they don’t have to pay. Which means that if something that is covered is about to break and the Shop says you better replace it or its going to cost three times more after it breaks and could even get you killed if you don’t, the Extended Warranty isn’t going to pay. They are betting the mechanic is wrong or you will sell your car after the bad news, just so they save the $1800 repair. So I told the dealer to document everything and only repair the parts the extended coverage would fix. They paid $800 and I had $500 in miscellaneous out of pocket. I did every oil change and scheduled maintenance over the next 7 months and sure enough the part the mechanic said was going to fail failed in a big way, my vehicle now needed a $5200 repair all because they would not pay the $1800 repair because it had not “Actually” broken yet. It took two months and getting my wife’s best friend husband who is an attorney involved, but they finally paid for the full repair. They also tried to cancel my extended warranty saying it was actual insurance and they had the right to. Using the attorney again, Art told them he had more then enough evidence and documentation to win a judgment against them. Art said it could all be settled for adding 3 years and 36,000 miles to the “Warranty” and by agreeing to pay any claim for parts not actually broken that were going to fail in the judgement of a mechanic. They finally agreed. Seventeen months later my son was in an accident that was not his fault which totaled the Explorer. I really wanted to drive that truck until the wheels feel off to make the Warranty company pay as much as I could. I was even going to buy the Explorer back from the insurance company until Art found a clause stating that once a vehicle was deemed totaled the policy was void.

Lessons learned, only by an Extended Warranty from the manufacturer because anything else isn’t an extended warranty it is actually insurance and insurance doesn’t pay until something is actually broken.

» wayneNo Gravatar said: { Aug 3, 2012 - 09:08:51 }

all of you should be contacting the better business bureau and your state division of consumer affairs and state everything you have stated here. this company should be put of business.

» CatNo Gravatar said: { Aug 14, 2012 - 03:08:53 }

“Just like any insurance company, getting them to pay may be a problem but currently Auto Assure is registered with the BBB and has zero complaints.”

This was stated in this article.

Incorrect. AutoAssure has had 24 complaints filed with the Dallas BBB.
See website below.…/auto…/auto-assure-in-plano-tx-90309899

Easily found on a Google search for the company.

» AnneNo Gravatar said: { Sep 16, 2012 - 10:09:36 }

So glad I found this site; been getting advertising from this place in the mail and their offers sounded tempting. It’s hard in this economy to put money aside for the eventual vehicle break-downs. But, this option is a no-go for me.

» BrentNo Gravatar said: { Oct 18, 2012 - 08:10:16 }

Scam? It is likely a scam. I would never compare this to regular auto insurance. Auto insurance insures risk, this company does not bother to investigate risk; it merely gives out blanket offers to people regardless of how shady or careless they may be with their cars-then skims off profit for themselves. Bona Fide insurance insures risk according to actual risk, it doesn’t merely play the law of large numbers.
I have never known any insurance company to send out official looking letters as advertisements and not even identify who they are or give an address (just a phone number)! If one wants to argue, purely on technicalities, they can call this garbage insurance.
It’s interesting too, to note, that they may have gotten your address and car information in order to advertise to you illegally. When you start getting these almost threatening sounding letters in the mail, you have no clue how they found you. My car make and model is on the front-exposed to the world as if mocking me about how they got my private information without my consent. I ALWAYS opt out of information sharing!

» JimNo Gravatar said: { Nov 15, 2012 - 01:11:12 }

I recently received a letter from AutoAssure offering me coverage. I called to find out what the coverage and price would be. After a series of questions – I had to be approved due to my “high” mileage – 90,000 on a 2008 BMW Z-4. Once they “approved” me, they said before they gave me numbers, that I needed to be aware I would have to make a decision before the phone call was over. WARNING WARNING went off in my head, and I told the person that there was no way I would make a decision on the spot before the call was over. I told her to not even bother giving me a quote, because no matter what it would be I would not purchase it during the phone call. I told her that if I had to make an immediate decision, it sounded like a scam.

» RRNo Gravatar said: { Dec 6, 2012 - 01:12:13 }

Hey guys, i recieved a call from Josh, then i spoke with him for few mins, and then he connected me to his manager for approval since it is 140*** miles 04 Nissan sentra,
just like for all you, they spoke in a threatening way, that they can’t give the same deal after a call back,
and then he gave me 400$ off and gor the total for 3316 with different levels of payment and i selected monthly payment,,,and then they connecetd me to adrian and she started asking me Visa/mc card continously, but she said one month full refundable amount, so, i gave my card details and accepted the terms,
and then i came to this website again and i was afraid,gave a call back to her and told her that i’m selling my car,,and within seconds she cancelled the process and she assured about my money back in account. she didnt even said a word, thank god i didnt been abused or something like other people faced…!

» Brian ZinoakNo Gravatar said: { Dec 17, 2012 - 07:12:35 }

Thanks everyone for your stories… you saved me money and time. I will not be calling these people.

» Jack SmytheNo Gravatar said: { Dec 30, 2012 - 10:12:36 }

Radio stations that advertise this kind of deception should also be held financially responsible. I just heard the “Auto Assure” deception on WST Newstalk 750 today. Shame on stations that deceive their listeners for the quest of a few advertising dollars.

My advice is just put the monthly payments into the bank each month. The $3000 that you save will cover a heck of a lot of repairs if your car should need it.

TraceyNo Gravatar Reply:

Companies pay to advertise on the radio and television. The advertisements sponsor the programs. They aren’t responsible for the company advertising. Anyway, I’m glad I found this blog post and all of your comments. I will not purchase an extended warranty and will save the money myself. I just had to pay 1,500 for my 1998 Audi A6 Quattro to have my water pump, serpentine belt, timing belt and radiator fixed. I freaked out at the price and thought about purchasing Auto Assure but no thank you!

» AlyNo Gravatar said: { Jan 2, 2013 - 10:01:57 }

Thanks for all of your comments. I just filled out the online form asking them to cal me with a quote. I am so pissed off right now that if they called I’d tell them off BEFORE they got a chance to pressure me or threaten me. There’s only 2 reports on Rip Off I wish you all had filled out a report there. As of right now there’s 33 BBB complaints.

» AlNo Gravatar said: { Jan 12, 2013 - 06:01:39 }

Do glad I looked this up. Definitely not going this route. I hate paying car insurance as it is (but know that it covers my family and I and if its my fault it covers the other driver) and paying any money in something that will ge approved as they see fit would defenitly drive me nuts.

» Brad FosterNo Gravatar said: { Feb 5, 2013 - 07:02:59 }

I received a very official-looking piece of mail yesterday – looked like it might be a tax bill or something, so I opened it instead of feeding it into the shredder with other junk mail. It turned out to be a solicitation from AutoAssure LLC. The fact that they use a deceptive practice just to get you to open their mail tells me this is a company I would never want to do business with. So now I call their toll free number several times a day and hang up when one of their desperate shills comes on the line. The number is:
Give them a call when you’ve got time to waste. Only provide false information and waste their sales rep’s time and keep them occupied – who knows how many people you’ll save from falling for their pushy sales pitch. Oh, yeah, here’s a VIN from a random car in Walmart’s parking lot (blue Dodge Neon):
Have these ass-clowns give you a quote on that one.

» AlyssaNo Gravatar said: { Mar 23, 2013 - 10:03:14 }

I talked on the phone with these people yesterday and was so annoyed. I’m glad I looked them up now and will not buy their coverage. They told me my 2008 was at “high risk” and then gave me a price of just about $4,000 and then kept bringing the price down with a “friends and family” discount and a “mangers” discount really? I just wanted a quote and they wouldnt let me shop around and kept saying how would you like to pay visa/mc? This seems like red flags to me and will definately just go threw my dealership which by the way they had nothing but negative things to say about them. I dont trust these people at all !!!!!!

» RajaramNo Gravatar said: { Mar 23, 2013 - 10:03:42 }

Here is my story.
I have an 04 Nissan Sentra, I heard the ad in radio and I joined, of course I’ve been annoyed and cursed, your car will have a break down blah blah , and on dec 6th , first tool my policy, and had 146300 miles on it, with 165 down payment and 110 p.m,
and after reading this website , I tried to cancel and they make it 59 p. m, so I thought lets see, anyway Im going to sell my vehicle in 3-4 months,,,
now on dec 28th( the day I re-started my policy, they didn’t change the miles and I didn’t notice)
on feb 13th the engine broke down, that evening when I tried to start it made a small sound and didn’t work, and then the battery ran out of charge, so I jump started and no use,

the ways they tried to escape the claim:
1. there is a mileage disruptancy and the client is responsible for that, I yelled at Michelle and Darry, as I don’t deal with customer service daily but you deal with lot of customers per day, so it’s your responsibility, and Darryl argued like an ass for 15 mins repeating its my responsibility, and then. because they didn’t change the number of miles on my records, they claim that I drove the vehicle 1500 miles in 8 days time.but actually it is 32 days time( from the day I purchased the policy to the oil change I had around jan 9th
2.” it is a previous problem”- and the claim can’t be processed,,, this is ridiculous how can I move the car with a crank rod got struck in the motor and finally I told him to cancel the policy and started saving money for repairs

» DonnaNo Gravatar said: { Apr 28, 2013 - 05:04:34 }

Just like Brad Foster, I received this very official looking letter which does look like a tax statement. I should’ve put it in the shredder. The letter has no company name and address on it. I found the name on the bottom of the letter in very small print and googled the phone number and name. I am very glad I found this site. After reading the posts, I will not be calling this so called “company”.

» Mike WhiteNo Gravatar said: { May 30, 2013 - 05:05:52 }

I keep receiving their advertising in the mail that is very deceptive and misleading, especially to the elderly and others who do not have the time or capabilities to research this company. I have contacted them and have sent the flyer in an envelope to the Better Business Bureau in their jurisdiction. DO NOT utilize their services, for it appears they prey on the weak and lesser informed. Please resend all the flyers you get from this company with a letter of complaint directly to this address:

Better Business Bureau Dallas Office
1601 Elm Street, Suite 3838
Dallas TX 75201-3093

» BrookeNo Gravatar said: { Apr 23, 2014 - 11:04:38 }

I called to get the warranty for my car last Thursday. The guy I spoke with was super nice and down to earth. He told me my options and I told him I really didn’t want to make a decision without talking to my boyfriend first, so he told me that I can make the decision and if my boyfriend didn’t want it, we could cancel within 30 days. So after talking to him, he didn’t want it, because we can’t really afford it (new house, new baby). So I called the guy I spoke with before on his personal line (because he gave it to me when we spoke) on Saturday afternoon (he told me what time he would be available) and he didn’t answer so I left a message. I emailed him as well and no reply. So I called him again yesterday (Tuesday) and no answer. So I left another message. Today I called the number for existing customers and got through to someone, he was quite nice and understood my concerns and kept offering me cheaper deals. I told him my boyfriend really doesn’t want to pay the extra money because we can’t afford it and he understood and transferred me to someone else. I was on hold through this phone call for a good 10 minutes and on the phone for about 30 minutes. So when the next guy answered, he also tried getting me cheaper deals and telling me it’s better to pay for this than pay for repairs and I won’t want to have to walk to work. Eventually I got to fed up with it and said “NO, my boyfriend doesn’t want it, we can’t afford it, and there is no changing our minds.” He finally said “Sorry we couldn’t make a compromise with you today, you will receive a full refund within the next 7-10 days.” I pissed him off, but I didn’t care. We better get this refund or they will have something else coming to them!

» MikeNo Gravatar said: { Aug 19, 2014 - 07:08:40 }

The above statement that AutoAssure has zero complaints with the BBB is an out and out lie. I have done my research and they actually have 128 complaints filed against them and a D- rating. They are NOT accredited with the BBB. The rep that contacted me the first time told me straight up that AutoAssure was the company that I had my current extended warranty plan with. They are NOT. Smells a lot lot the door to the head on a tuna boat.

» DeniseNo Gravatar said: { Sep 10, 2014 - 08:09:09 }

I received my letter yesterday in the mail and immediately went to the website for complaints. Thanks for everyone’s response!! Not giving this letter a second thought.

» Gary PriseNo Gravatar said: { Jun 11, 2015 - 11:06:13 }

I am preparing to sue them. Record all conversations you will catch them in lies. Took months to get my contract and when called them out on it and sent letters to cancel they refunded 235 after paying over six months at almost 200 a month. They are liars and thieves. Be careful

» Uncle RicoNo Gravatar said: { Dec 17, 2015 - 12:12:13 }

I was repeatedly insulted by an ignorant fast talking slime ball when I simply called to get an extended warranty quote after my wife’s extended care plan expired. No idea how they got our information other than the Mercedes dealership gave it to them. High pressure is an understatement. The only reason they have a “B” score and their under writer, United Car Care, has an “A” from the Better Business Bureau is because they simply deny claims, acknowledge the complaint through the BBB, and tell their customers “too bad.” The fact that they write something allows them to keep a high score. 151 complaints over 3 years. Read them for yourself. Do yourself a favor and get a warranty straight from the manufacturer. Go on forums and do your research first before you throw your money out by purchasing a warranty through these clowns. It’s sad that a scam of a business like this is allowed to stay open legally in this country. Turn and run.

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