Sleep patterns can change a life

Today I made a very important life decision. Well technically the decision came to me last night and the fact that I went through with it today made the change real. I became an early riser…again.

I say again because my entire life I had been required to get up early. I got in the groove and stuck with it for a pretty good stretch. I would get up at 6am every day, eat breakfast and get on with the things I had to do. Those things usually came in the form of school at first, then work, with several other things mixed in there such as service projects, boy scout events, travel plans and personal projects. My wife is a late sleeper and always has been. She gets up when she is good and ready. She is pregnant now and has our two year old to take care of as well, she can be a handful most of the time so its understandable that my wife will sleep in and keep the two year old in bed as long as possible. If the two year old is not in bed asleep, shes awake terrorizing the house. But this is nothing new, as I said my wife has always been a late sleeper since the day I met her.

I on the other hand I really love that early morning smell, the sound of birds chirping and watching the sun come up. All that crap really gets me going in the morning. I love how productive I feel in the morning when I get up and am not scrambling to get my clothes on to leave for work. I prefer to scramble some eggs instead.  So what changed? Why did I stop rising early?

Simple, the necessity was no longer there. I love getting up early but the truth of the matter is that when I started working for my current contract I no longer had the need pushing me to get up early and take advantage of that extra time each day. My current contract is an 8-5 job which is normal for me but the part that is not normal is that this job is located about 10 miles from my home. I can get up at about 7:45 and make it there in time without having to worry about being late. Because the location is so close to home, I felt the extra time saved each day that I was not driving (I traditionally drove about 40-60 minuets one way each day) was quite sufficient and I slipped into a sleep-in kind of lifestyle.

Recently, I have begun to realize that I miss my old way of doing things. I do not get as much done during the day when I sleep in. I am tired all day, and because I broke my previous habitual routine of getting up before the sun, I have been sleeping through my alarm clock and not getting up when I should. That feeling is one that I can do without. I do not like the feeling of failure in the morning. The feeling that I had a goal and missed it. Also the scrambling that I previously mentioned, of the eggs, is gone. I now scramble just to pull on my pants in the morning and run out the door.

So yesterday I decided it was time to change that. After nearly six months or so (yea I have been on this contract for almost a year but it really took some effort to break my old routine) of missing the bell, I will be getting up early, eating breakfast and even working out in the morning. I have a home gym that I purchased before I realized money actually had worth and debt was a bad thing. It has been gathering dust for the past year and I intend to get back on the wagon, get in shape and take advantage of the extra time I am creating for myself in the morning.

In place of the feeling of failure and defeat in the morning I intend to create for myself a feeling of success. By posting this here for all to see, I will again create the necessity for myself.

As a final thought, I leave you with this image. The sun rising over the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Sun Rising over Hawaii

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» Andy @ Retire at 40No Gravatar said: { Mar 1, 2009 - 12:03:27 }

Oh I am so with you on that one. Whilst I’ve never been an early riser I have recently figured out that waking up at the same time every day is such a winner. In fact, the small purchase of an alarm clock (which functioned differently to my old one) made a big difference to me.

Amazing how long the day seems these days.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

It is amazing how long the day feels. I am getting so much done and feeling so productive lately. I too had to get a new alarm clock. I think after time, regardless of how well an alarm functions, our brains become accustomed to the sound and learn to ignore it. Thanks for commenting ~

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