How Do You Rank Yourself? Introducing the player in PF Blog Ranking

There is something to be said about ranking yourself when it comes to finance, in fact in just about every situation in life, we humans like to classify and rank ourselves; it’s only natural 🙂

Most people rank themselves based on income but that’s usually pretty gray as many people just guess at others income based on the stuff a person has, and rank themselves according to that stuff, then they try to catch up by buying a bunch of stuff of their own, when in reality most people that have a bunch of stuff are just carrying a bunch of debt and don’t actually own anything!

Another way some rank themselves is by their children. Again, this is a cloudy ranking system because a parent can do everything right and still have a screw up for a kid; conversely, a parent can do everything wrong which only drives their kid to succeed and crush their parents expectations or lack of them. There really is no way to tell what will happen in someones life and what will change them as a person, for better or worse.

But for blogs, there are some very finite ways of ranking yourself. There is Google PageRank which is one of the most key factors in the blog business. Then there is the Alexa rank by Yahoo, and the Compete ranking and the list goes on, but only when you factor in all those ranking structures can you get a complete idea of how a blog is ranking across the board compared to other blogs in the same niche.

So when Money Crashers released their new blog ranking tool to compete with that of Wise Bread and other big names out there, I got pretty excited. Although I find myself pretty low down the list around the 235 mark, and I’m almost on page one of the Wise Bread list which bases it’s ranking almost primarily on Alexa ranking, all that means is that I have some work to do in the other categories used to classify the blogs on the Money Crashers list.

The Money Crasher ranking tool stands out from any other tool out there so far for a couple reasons and it is touted as the ultimate blog ranking tool in the personal finance niche.

Ranking is based on a unique algorithm that factors in statistics like FeedBurner subscribers, Twitter followers, Alexa rank, Compete rank, Technorati authority, Google PageRank, number of inbound links according to Yahoo, SEOmoz rank, and SEMRush organic search value and then calculates a weighted score based on all of the data.

This certainly gives me an idea of where I need work and what I should be doing better around here! 🙂

There is also a way to sort blogs into sub categories which makes things a little more organized compared to other raking tools so if I’m searching for the best Frugality blogs, I can find them just by selecting that category and they have their own ranking tree structure. Are Deals & Coupon blogs what you are looking for? There’s a category for that too.

I’m interested to see how the tool will take off. Wise Breads tool has become the authority when it comes to blog rankings, but there’s nothing to say that this new tool won’t take over!

Money CrashersTop Personal Finance Blogs

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» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Oct 19, 2010 - 09:10:59 }

haha same here Dean! It hurts to take a blow of around 100 ranks when moving to another ranking tool! 🙂

I agree, there will always be little sub-niches that are hard to classify but as they grow, maybe they will get their own subcategory in each tool. I think that is a great step with this new raking system, subcategories have their own ranks.

I wish you the best of luck in the fight to a top 10 rank 🙂

» EvanNo Gravatar said: { Oct 19, 2010 - 12:10:33 }

I am MUCH lower on the MoneyCrasher. Hurts a tad bit lol. But I like competition – there is also FIREFinance's list if you want to check it out
My recent post What Would The British Do For Money

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Requisite pain 🙂

Last time I checked, I still wasn't good enough to be ranked on FIRE 🙂

[email protected]No Gravatar Reply:

You can make it up in no time Evan!

» [email protected]No Gravatar said: { Oct 19, 2010 - 05:10:24 }

@ Jesse, thanks for the shout out and glad you like the list.
@ Dean, one of the neat things about this list is that even if people tried to "game" the system like you mention, they would need to satisfy all the different criteria in the new list, and by doing that, they would actually have one of the top blogs around. Ultimately, there really is no "gaming" because the list is so comprehensive. I think that's one of the really unique things here!

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