Personal Finance Firewall – The Power of Visualization

The human brain is an amazing organ. My most recent reading brought me to a page about the brain and how visualizations actually effect reality. A visualization is something that we think about that makes us see something more clearly. One can visualize themselves clearing the pole vault, or rounding third base, or making the winning touchdown. There is a great deal of visualization in the sports world. But why is that so effective? Just thinking about something happening is not going to make it happen, one has to actually do something to make it happen, right?

Actually the truth is quite the contrary. Based on how the brain works, the more you think about something, the more real it actually becomes. Based on postmodern research and the understanding of how the brain functions, a neural connection is created based on everything we think about. The more we think about that one thing, the stronger the connection becomes and the more that thought becomes a part of our reality.

“More recent research has provided actual real-time pictures of the brain as it creates new neural connections in response to a thought -– and how repeating the same thought (especially with visual involvement) physically strengthens the neural network representing that thought.” – Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

That is why the  visualizations we use every day are so effective. Thinking about how thin we can become will actually help our brain connect that thought with reality and we will begin to really believe that it can happen. This realization can help to motivate us towards our goal and in turn create the reality our brain already sees for us.

Pretty amazing huh?

To bring this information into relevance here at my little piece of the virtual world, a Personal Finance Firewall is just a visualization of something protecting my, or your, or our money from others…and ourselves. It is not an actual wall of fire, but the more we think about it that way the more our brain will associate that thought with an actual wall of fire.

Since I began thinking about Personal Finance Firewall and what that was, I have begun visualizing a firewall around my money. When I think of spending money I think of getting past the firewall. I do not like getting burned! So it becomes just that much harder for me to spend money on things that are not absolutely necessary.

Even more so than that, I visualize my money is protected from others such as creditors, bankers, scammers and the like out there to get at it. I visualize any mistake I make as a hole in my firewall. Interest on my loans or credit cards are leaks in that protection. Fees are little leaks in my firewall that need to be patched. The more I think about things this way, the more real they become. The more I want to patch those leaks in my firewall and the more I am motivated to do so.

These thoughts are no more real than the sports visualization that “you are the ball” but they do effectively motivate one in reaching a goal, or being as close to the ball as possible. So be careful what you think about. Visualize yourself reaching your goal. Think about what you will do once you reach it and how you will feel. Imagine your joy and make that your reality.

What visualizations help you to stay on track and motivated towards your perceived reality?

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