The Importance of Extreme and Specific Focus

Months ago a joined a challenge called the Yakezie challenge, started by Financial Samurai. The requirements of the challenge were simple and attainable though the goal was lofty, yet I don’t think any of us that joined, nor Sam himself could have imagined the effect this challenge had on the members as well as the community we are a part of.

After being a part of the challenge for a short time, and seeing the amazing results that had come out of it on my blog as well as on other’s blogs, I started to think about why it was such a success. Then it hit me.

The challenge created one thing, and one thing only; A specific focus for participants.

What does that mean?

When I started this blog, I had some very broad goals, no idea what I was doing and although I had a passion, I had no idea how to succeed or even what I was trying to succeed at. I read all sorts of How to start a successful blog and How to improve your content articles but I was never really focused on anything specific. Not even my content is specific as I focus on the general topic of personal finance.

But with the Yakezie challenge, I was given specificity. With that I was able to hone my focus.

New years resolutions are another example of vague and nonspecific goal setting. I want to get out of debt. I want to lose weight. I want to enjoy life. I want to make more money. Year after year these goals are made and these goals are forgotten only to be set again the following year because they are not specific!

I had some of these same goals, one of which to lose weight this year. This time around I did something specific and I joined another challenge. This was a weight loss challenge and again, I had a very specific goal. I had a weight written down that I wanted to hit. I had specific requirements that I needed to meet at specific intervals. Everything I did from the start of that challenge was driven towards that extreme focal point I had created.

How can you use extreme and specific focus to succeed

Be extremely specific. I’m not talking, “get out of debt” specific, or even, “pay off this or that debt” specific. I’m talking specific to the point of obsession. Plan out the specifics of every step of the journey you will be making. Know when bills need to be paid, how much you will pay, how often and how much will be left in your accounts afterward…each and every month..each and every paycheck.

Create specific requirements for yourself. In both of these challenges, I set specific things I would do each and every day or week. These things were specific in and of themselves but they were also very integral to the success of the complete and specific challenge. By creating and focusing on the specific requirements of the challenge, I was able to forget how far away the end result was. I was able to lose myself in the tasks and as a result, before I knew it I had dropped 30 lbs, had broken into the 100k range on Alexa and was just completely blown away!

Be flexible. All things change with time even goals you set for yourself. The important thing is to be flexible to change but remember your specific end goal, and make sure you align those changes with that goal. Make sure you are still going in the right direction and continue taking steps towards your goal. Emergencies happen. Life happens. But you can’t let that derail you from the eventual success so taking changes as they come is paramount.

As a final thought, I have one question for you. How do you climb a ladder?

…One rung at a time…

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