Savings tip two

Continuing from where I left off with my last post about my own personal finance findings I wanted to bring attention to the resolution to my phone problem.

At the time of doing my finance overview in January I had ATT (formerly Cingular 😉 ) and I had the most basic plan that I could find. Just a few months earlier we had added texting for my wife who had been wanting a texting plan for nearly two years. I feel that paying for additional services on top of expensive phone service is a ripoff but she continued to text without a plan which was costing more than the addition would cost, so I eventually caved.

So reading over The Consumerist shortly after looknig over my finances, I read a post about prepaid phones. I had never heard of any prepaid phone aside from the Cingular GoPhone which I had heard nothing but bad things about so the post about prepaid phones saving some people money was a new idea to me.

I decided that I would do a little research on the subject and I found a few companies that interested me. My criteria was pretty strict while searching and I was not concerned about canceling my current plan because I was past the two year contract period and would not be charged an early termination fee.

My criteria was basically getting a cheaper set of phones. If I could reduce the cost of the monthly plan even by 10 dollars, I would switch. I was not about to switch to another company that would get me more for my money because, although I am a tech guy, I am not a phone guy and would rather just wait till I am at a computer to do anything other than make a phone call. The other thing was that I wanted something that would include texting or provide a cheaper texting plan than I had with ATT.

Will I finally ended up going with one of the prepaid phone companies. The two things about this company that intrigued me and made me choose this company over the other prepaid companies that I looked into was that this company offered phone cards that would extend the service date 365 days. The other companies require one to purchase minutes and “top up” the phone every 90 days and I just did not want to have to deal with that every 90 days, especially since the larger minute denomination cards are a better bargain. The other thing is that texting comes with the plan. It does cost minutes but only in the fractions, such as one text equals a fraction of a minute. The company also offers different texting rates for different phones including a few older phones that have a free cost on incoming texts.

This is where the real money saving came in for me. I already wrote an article about my savings with more details than I gave here at another web site and I would hate to duplicate the amount of drivel found on the net. So check out my other article here

Essentially my savings came down to about 16$ a month versus 90$ a month for both phones. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

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