It Begins – My first taste of saving

So this is post number one, where it all begins. So to that theme I will start where all this began for me, why I am here writing a personal finance blog and a little more of what to expect from me.

Around November of 2008 I started having some trouble with a company I was dealing with. They were not performing up to my expectations or even up to what they promise as far as quality of service. I started researching ways I can fight back a sa consumer. I started reading The Consumerist quite often and subscribed to their RSS feed. They cover a great deal of topics over there, mostly things in the news concerning company incompliance to laws towards consumer rights. From reading their daily feed I was learning more and more about what a company can and cannot do. I also read more and more about how to get out of debt using these credit card company’s terms and ways they do business to my advantage.

I thought these things about getting out of debt were interesting but I was really more concerned with my present situation with the company I had been dealing with so I set the debt reduction strategies aside in my mind and focused on the stories about fighting back as a consumer.

So the story goes on. The company I was dealing with continued to drag on and avoid fixing the problems they had caused but the holidays were rolling around and I had more enjoyable things to focus on. My parents and most of my siblings all live in California and I had gotten the go-ahead from work to take a week off so we could go visit them right after Christmas. I was really excited about this because I had not been to California in several months and I was really getting tired of the Utah snow and cold.

Christmas came and went and we left for California. We drove the entire trip in one night, approximately 12 hours and it was quite exhausting but gave me time to think about some things. From all the tips I had read at The Consumerist, I had gained a bit of nerve. I am a pretty non confrontational person but after reading all the success some people have just by calling a company and demanding better service I had decided to call up Comcast and ask for a better rate on my internet service. Instead I used the instant chat, I guess I had not gained that much nerve, but it was a success. I got my internet rate lowered just by being very polite and asking if I could jump on one of the promotional rates they were having even though I was an existing customer. I got it dropped about 20$ a month for nine months.

This gave me my first real taste of saving money and it was sweet.

From there I decided that I wanted to start keeping track of things more thuroughly. I downloaded some of the free debt calculators, interest calculators and snowball method calculators that they have covered in the past that are basically aimed at keeping track of your debt and planning for the future financially but they really only go as far as debt.

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» JoshNo Gravatar said: { Nov 10, 2009 - 02:11:44 }

Hey Jesse awesome move on your first move in saving money! I did the same thing too (you can read on my blog) and saved some bucks also. Do you want to share on blogroll?

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