How To Have A Perfect Vacation

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

Some of you may know that my family and I are on a much needed vacation this week. We typically visit Disneyland once or twice a year as my wife and I both have family in the area but this year has been different. We weren’t able to go to Disneyland during our usual time at the end of last year so we decided to plan a much larger and more spectacular Disney trip for this year.

We got a really nice hotel room about 15 minutes from Disneyland, annual passes and we’ve been saving our pennies to make sure […] Continue Reading…

The Power Of CLEP Testing – A Story Told By An Idiot

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

First things first, I’ll admit that I’m not at all proud of this story. My own lack of effort and motivation to get this finished up could have cost me a lot of money. You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about below. I’m telling this story because is showcases the power of some of the programs out there meant to help students out with college.

March 2010 – A Joyous Day
It’s official. I graduated college with a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering. I was so excited to be done with school! I was burning out altogether and if college […] Continue Reading…

How To Play Your Finance By Ear

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

This past year I’ve really gotten in touch with my musical side. I’ve been learning the piano feverishly, trying to rise up and meet my own challenge. While music and personal finance may seem world apart I’ve come to see many correlations between the two.
Play your finances by ear
In music, there are many different ways to learn an instrument. One of those that always amazes me though is learning to play by ear. This method is exactly what it sounds like, you listen to the music and try to replicate it on the piano or whatever instrument you choose. […] Continue Reading…

Mental Motivation and the High Five

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

Positive Motivation
In every day life one will generally find a plethora of ways people motivate themselves. Some people write something positive and uplifting on their mirror that they will see and read aloud each day. They will listen to motivation speakers on the radio in their car on the way to and from work. They will take a picture of their dream car and look at it once a day.
Reverse Motivation
Others will go the opposite route and use negative or fear motivation on themselves. They will create some way that shows them, “this is what will happen if you […] Continue Reading…

What Exactly Is A Side Hustle?

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

I’m in the camp that thinks that while there are thousands of ways to cut costs, you can only cut costs to a certain point and then if you really want to get ahead, you have to start earning more.

A buddy of mine tweeted just this week, “Anyone else just starting their second job? #SideHustle” to which I replied, “second job? It’s been a long time since I had just two.” This reminded me of the importance of side hustling.

A side hustle is anything you do on the side of your day job to earn a little more. The […] Continue Reading…

5 Tips To Keep You Productive

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

Sometimes I get that feeling that I just can’t keep going on. I lose focus and have a hard time getting anything done unless completely necessary. I’ve found that while there may be different reasons for this, a lot of it comes down to small changes in my own life that took the wind out of my productivity. I’ve also found ways that can fire me right back up and help me either completely get over a slump, or power right through it.
1. Find a rut but keep it shallow
I find that when I get into a routine, I’m […] Continue Reading…

Entrepreneurial Beginnings: Marc Perry of

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

As an entrepreneur myself, I’m always interested in seeing how others got started. Marc Perry and I have connected in the past but I never really knew about his life prior to creating and considering he used to work in finance as a hedge fund manager no less, I thought it would be interesting for him to share his story with us.  After reading the story myself, Marc and I have very similar values and I can fully understand why he left a very lucrative career in finance to start his own company from scratch. Marc recently retooled […] Continue Reading…