Is Cash Still King? – How The World Is Trending Toward Online Payments

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

One of the top trends of 2011 has been mobile or digital payment methods. Being able to pay with your smart phone from anywhere in the world, instantly, in any currency is now a reality and that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is possible with the new technology being developed in the world of digital payments.

PayPal has been around for what seems like ages and they do have a mobile application allowing you to move money or make payments to someone on the go, but things have progressed even past PayPal. Some of the […] Continue Reading…

Do You Know If You’re Hypoglycemic?

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

I am hypoglycemic. I have been all my life according to my mom and most of my immediate family are also hypoglycemic. While there are forms of hypoglycemia specifically caused by dietary habits I believe ours is the genetic type and runs in the family.
What is Hypoglycemia?
Hypoglycemia is a condition wherein the blood glucose levels are lower than the normal range of usually about 70 to 110 mg/dl. In its early forms, hypoglycemia can cause weakness, sweating, crankiness, nervousness and a dozen or so other symptoms. These symptoms are frustrating but for the most part manageable and inconclusive of […] Continue Reading…

Sleep Patterns and the Importance of Tracking

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

My wife loves to sleep, or at least that’s what I used to think. She tends to sleep as much as possible any day of the week. On the weekends she can sleep in till 2 in the afternoon. I always felt this was excessive and we’ve fought about her wanting to sleep so much many times in the past. I am an early riser but have a lot on my plate so I’ll stay up till late in the evening, get up bright and early and feel great all day long. I have lots of things to do […] Continue Reading…

Is Auto Assure a Scam?

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

If you have a radio I’m sure you’ve heard the radio commercials for Auto Assure. They go something like this, “Why pay for costly repairs when you can let Auto Assure pay them for you, use any mechanic you like and keep your hard earned money?”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The commercials don’t really make clear what the company does exactly so I’m here to tell you my thoughts on the company and what they do.
What is Auto Assure?
Auto Assure is essentially the combination of an extended warranty and an insurance policy. They have different plans you can choose from […] Continue Reading…

Amazon Prime Review – Is It For You?

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

One year ago Today, Amazon offered me an Amazon Prime membership free for one year based on my student status. I took that free membership and decided to test out Amazon Prime. Here is what I found.
Free Shipping
I’m already partial to free shipping. If I can have something purchased online and shipped to a store, I will always take that option. I don’ know what it is about shipping charges that just make my skin crawl but I’d much rather pay $50 for something with free shipping than pay $45+$5 shipping fee. The biggest perk of Amazon Prime is […] Continue Reading…

If I Had A Million Dollars

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

I noticed this post over on Couple Money (after I read my own guest post there titled Find Deals on Diapers ) and thought I’d get in on this action. I of course have given some hard thought about what I’d do with a million dollars and since my mind tonight was swimming with some very deep subjects  that I couldn’t sort out or decide on which one to write about, I thought I’d make Friday laid back like it should be. Here’s the breakdown:
No more Debt! (-$310,000)
Obviously the very first thing I’d do with my million is pay […] Continue Reading…

How To Keep Your Mind Strong and Memory Sharp

Posted by Jesse Michelsen

The mind is such an amazing thing. It’s much like any other muscle in your body and never stops changing but if you don’t exercise it, just like any muscle, it will get weaker and cease to function. Today much of what previous generations minds were used for is done by computers. That’s great right? It lets us do a lot more important things with our minds since we can let the computers do all the leg work but that legwork, mathematics, problem solving, visual stuff that the computers do for us exercises a different part of our minds […] Continue Reading…