My Personal Goals

My goals are going to be a bit different from the rest of the world, as one’s personally goals really should be. Obviously having a million dollars would be great and make a lot of problem go away but that is not what I am all about.  My goals are about what makes me happy. These goals are a work in progress obviously and I will continue to update and change them whenever I feel so inclined to do so.

Short Term Goals

Traditional Debt Goal Accomplished!

A more traditional financial goal, I have a loan that was used to consolidate some credit card debt as well as pay for my spanking new car back in 2004/2005 and I am working to pay that off. The original amount of the loan was 30k but it’s total is about$17,000 as of this writing.

Business Oppurtunities

I would like to create a fund for business ventures that need a bit of capital to get off the ground, one in particular in which I need $10,000 to get started and probably another $5,000 for upkeep and any unforeseen costs this business may incur.

I have decided against taking on this business opportunity.

Emergency Fund Goal Accomplished!

I am trying to create a buffer so that in the event that my current contract buckles without warning, my family and I will be able to pay the bills and survive for a few months at least. For this, we will need approximately $6,000. We do not have insurance so our current pregnancy will also come out of this fund, when the time comes, so an additional $1-2,000 wouldn’t hurt.

Auto Fund Goal Accomplished!

As stated previously, my car is fairly new but it is getting to a point that something major could happen, one never can be too careful with cars. So I would like to have a $500 auto fund for the time being. Any regular car maintenance will come from this fund as well such as new tires and oil changes. We are currently in the market for a new (used) car van for my wife, so $2,000 $6,000 will be added to that as a low priority goal.

In order of importance:

  • Emergency Fund: $8,000 done
  • Credit Card/Loan: $17,000 done
  • Auto Fund: $500 done
  • New Car Fund: $6,000 done
  • Business Opportunity: $15,000

Grand Total: $42,500.00 $27,500.00


Update: 9-12-2010

Grand Total Saved: $31,500 (towards these goals)

Things certainly have changed since I created this goals page. We have actually cleared all of our short term goals out of the way, and are now working on a few more short term, as well as some more long term goals.

Long Term Goals

Snowbird Status

You know those older couples that you only see about 3 months out of the year, the rest of the time they are out with their mobile home cruising the country? That is not what I want, but the freedom they have to do that is what I am after. I live in Utah, but I really hate the cold weather. I want to be financially stable enough to have a home here in Utah that I can come to during spring or fall when the weather is really nice. I also want a place I can go to in California and live during the Winter months. My immediate family lives in California and I miss them as well as the warm climate and it would be nice to not have to worry about money when I feel like getting some California sun.

So to motivate me on my way to SnowBird Status, I have made this badge. Anyone else looking for the freedom to migrate to better climate during cold (or hot depending on your preference) months feel free to don the badge, Chasing SnowBird Status.

Just copy this code to paste as a widget:

<a href=””>
<img src=”” border=”1″ alt=”” />

Surety Bonded Car Insurance

This may seem a bit silly and maybe even unorthodox but I hate the fact that I am paying for insurance on my car each month. I want to have the financial backing that I can have bonded car insurance for myself.

Work From Anywhere

I don’t necessarily want to retire early. There have been times in my life where I was not working and I just drove myself and everyone around me nuts. I want to have something to keep me busy so that I have that good feeling of being productive. I do however want to be able to work whenever, wherever I want to so that if I am out of the country I will still be able to work if I feel like it. I do not want to be forever required to work in order to live.

Live in the Moment

I come from a big family and have plenty of younger siblings. I moved out before some of them really matured much but now that I see the people they are turning into I feel saddened that I do not know them as well as I would like. I do not want that feeling to follow me when my own kids begin to grow up and mature. I have one daughter now and one on the way. I cherish every minute I have with my family and want to make that my top priority for my time. So I want to have the freedom to go to every dance recital, sports event, birthday party and just plain old goof off session with my family.