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First I have to apologize for being dormant these past weeks, I am coming to the end of my Bachelor degree program and things are starting to really get time consuming if nothing else.

So down to business.

May was a bit depressing in some ways and joyous in others. The depressing part we pretty much knew was coming, having to part with about $3,500 on top of all the expenses we had already paid for the new baby such as by-weekly doctors visits, blood work and medication. This was a major hit to the savings but the savings was there for exactly this reason! 😉 And on top of that, there were no pregnancy complications which would have put us deep into the red, so we are really happy about that.

Our total baby cost came out to about $6,500 over the course of nine months, all of which came out of savings. Nothing was put on a credit card I am happy to say, although some of the lab work bills are still being paid off only because they don’t accrue interest and only equal about $500 of this total.



May Debt

May Debt

Stocks continue to teeter and my real estate continues to balloon based on the online estimator websites. I continue to collect rent from my rental property and haven’t had any problems with it since things finalized in early March.

My wife and I celebrated our Anniversary this month, May 1st to be exact, and we splurged a little bit. We were actually pretty disappointed with our Anniversary dinner. I had asked some of my colleagus and superiors at work for some resteraunt recommendations and there were several that told us to go to this certain steak house.

We went, and the prices were outragous. We ended up spending about $45 for ONE plate of food and one appetizer (plus tip, tax and one drink, I always get water). The appetizer was only $7 so you can figure out what the actual plate costs, and we actually enjoyed the appetizer more than the meal.

We kind of let ourselves go this month. I think we both felt good about our savings, and having no debt from the baby that we justified spending more than usual in some areas like eating out. We spent about twice our monthly budget on dining (although our Anniversary outing spent over half our usual dining budget). We have been told our budget is pretty meager in that area, but I dont think thats any excuse and feel bad about it nonetheless.

We did spend under budget on utilities this month, as it was getting hot but not hot enough to run the AC so things kind of balanced out and we didnt tap into savings for anything other than the baby.

*As usual these numbers from networthIQ are rough estimates

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