Monthly Progress April 2009

Better late than never right? Here is April’s networth update as promised.Assets


I wont get into much detail with this one as not much has changed since March. We are still credit card debt free and the wife made a little extra money on the side selling a few things around the house for her to spend on whatever she wanted.

Our two home values have increased slightly again but I still don’t trust it as they are both estimates so we are celebrating in silence but not making any decisions based on the estimated value.

Stocks are still teetering with a slight increase but nothing major up or down.

Even though we weren’t paying any more credit card payments in April, we didn’t manage to increase our savings too much. We were busy buying all the gear for the new baby with the extra cash as well as paying the bi-weekly doctor visits of $250 a pop.

Based on our budgets I set up, we went over-budget on groceries this month, but to justify it we are trying to build a bit of food storage in case the swine flu hits hard in our area and we have to stay in the house for a few weeks straight. You never know what can happen. We stayed within our means nonetheless and we kept restaurant cravings in check, staying under budget there.

We also had a few surprise expenses such as some tuition for my schooling that wasn’t covered by financial aid, and our oil change purchase.

Overall nothing really regrettable or celebratory happened in April.

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