Shopping Out Of Season

In the spirit of the recently passed holiday (Easter) I wanted to give a more detailed description of some of the savings we found when shopping for things that are out of season.

Shopping out of the season is a great money saver. Stores stock up on candy and all the holiday decorations and have to liquidate those as soon as the holiday passes to make room for more traditional merchandise.

Here in Utah, after the colder months, not only is candy on sale but all the Winter clothing that didn’t sell during Winter is liquidated. We made our way to Kohls to get an Easter dress for Lyla and to check out what clearance stuff was still available. We also hit Walmart and Albertsons about a week after Easter to find what we could find.

Kohls Takeaway

Kohls Takeaway

Kohl had a few clearance racks still available and Lyla is always in need of clothes so we checked those out. We found a few somewhat Winter themed items of clothing that she could wear to get messy in and if they are still intact next Winter, she can wear them then too. We also found a great Easter dress on clearance because this was the day before Easter.

Total cost:

$54.00 @ clearance = $15.80 and a savings of $35+

Weeks later, both Walmart and Albertsons had their Easter leftovers shoved into the smallest possible space (Walmart had theirs in a 4×4 3 shelf high area that was about 1/30th of the original Easter section. Albertsons had theirs piled into a few shopping carts in plane sight of the entrance) because retailers use this liquidation as a way to do some rearranging as well since just about everything on the isle is cleaned out already by last minute shoppers 😉

Walmart Takeaway

Walmart Takeaway

Walmart was first and they had plenty of those fancy $10-$15 prepacked Easter baskets. I think these are great because they have a little bit of everything (usually one large toy and some candy of different variety) and they are usually packaged in a pretty neat way. Although I like these baskets, I cant really stomach buying them because of the price versus amount of things in the basket. I thought if we could manage it, buy a couple of those and save them till next year, and give them to our daughter (soon to be daughters) as their Easter basket at the lower cost. So we got two of the cheaper baskets and one of the more expensive baskets. The reason is the toy in these would cost more by itself than buying the whole basket on Easter clearance so why not right?

We also got a load of candy, some stuffed animals, some funny pens, an egg decorating kit, some plastic eggs, and two higher quality baskets that will last much longer than the cheapy baskets that are prepackeged.

Total cost:

$56.44 @ 75% off = $14.35 and a savings of $40+

Albersons Takeaway

Albersons Takeaway

Albertsons was much more picked through as we went a few days later but we still came away with some great savings. I will leave out the details but you can examine the image and see for yourself.

Total cost:

$27.34 @ 75-90% off = $3.71 and a savings of $25+

We usually forget but this year I am very happy with what we took home and the money that we saved.

Did any of you make out like bandits after the season or holidays were over?

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» Debt NinjaNo Gravatar said: { Apr 30, 2009 - 09:04:53 }

You better hope your daughter doesn't hit a super early stage of puberty and grow to be six feet by next year, otherwise that dress will be useless. Haha, great tips. I should start looking for winter coats and things like that for next year.

» JesseNo Gravatar said: { Apr 30, 2009 - 09:04:10 }

Yea that would be weird, but she already wore it this Easter so we still got our moneys worth. I will let you know next year if that happens 😉

» corrinNo Gravatar said: { Apr 30, 2009 - 09:04:42 }

Good job! I do a lot of shopping out of season…in season too. 🙂

» JesseNo Gravatar said: { Apr 30, 2009 - 09:04:38 }

Thanks! Like I said, we have a hard time following through with our plan because we just dont make time to hit the stores before all the goods are gone. I think based on the success of this year, we will be more into it.

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