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UPDATE: As if this post isnt long enough, I wanted to update with my savings totals. Our electricity bill (electric water heater) was significantly lower after getting the Roadrunner. I’m talking half..for those of you that always wished to dive into a swimming pool filled with money like the ol’ Scrooge McDuck, this is just as good! You are showering in savings!

I am a pretty “green” guy, because while going green usually cost a bit more up front, one will end up saving far more money over time, as well as saving the environment we live in. Since we bought our house a few years ago, we have been greening her up in every way that we can, and we thought we were just about done. We have energy efficient windows, a new high efficiency furnace and central air unit with programmable thermostat, and energy star appliances.

Then while researching in-home electrical grid monitoring, I came across Evolve shower heads.


I thought I had seen it all in the way of eco-friendly home gadgets but this device is truly amazing. Normally I wouldn’t call a shower head a “device” but hear me out.

The Evolve shower heads are a sleek, modern looking shower head line but in the look department they are not too special. It is what’s inside that counts here.

These babies are equipped with a technology called ShowerStart. The shower has a built in temperature monitor and when the temperature rises to 95 degrees, the ShowerStart kicks in and shuts the flow of water down to a trickle. When you are ready to jump in the shower, you flip the switch on the shower head to resume the flow of water.

What this means for you, and the environment is that once the water gets warmed up, and the flow is shut off, you aren’t wasting that heated water.

The particular model I was interested in was the Roadrunner, which is their lower-flow shower head as being low flow, I would be saving even more money and conserving more resources. So I emailed the company and they were generous enough to send me one said Roadrunner to review. It arrived two days later…and I have to say I am very impressed.

Not only is the company touting shower heads fit to save money and the environment, but the shower head came in a very conservative box just big enough to fit the shower head, a small spool of plumbers tape (very convenient), and a tiny instruction/informational booklet, and everything aside from the actual shower head was made from recycled materials. Even the ink used is a soy based, eco-friendly ink!


Installation was  a breeze and I had the thing up and running in about five minutes and she looked great. I turned it on to test her out and sure enough, a few minutes later when the water had warmed up, the flow was cut to a drizzle and as soon as I flipped the switch (or pulled the cord) the flow was restored. I felt greener already.

Now came the real test: What is the wife gonna think?

Well, she didn’t complain! She showered and I quizzed her about it. She said it felt like a shower, the pressure was fine, the temperature was good when she got in and only after countless prodding (I like in depth answers) did she say that she couldn’t even tell it was lower flow until she rinsed the conditioner from her hair, and that took a little longer but nothing too fuss about. I bet if I hadn’t told her it was lower flow, she wouldn’t have even noticed the conditioner.

I had already showered the day it came, so I wasn’t able to test it till the next morning, and I have used it a few times since. My impression? Fantastic.

It really is convenient to be able to turn the shower on and not worry about wasting water. My daughter sometimes wakes up in the morning when I get up and I have to fix her breakfast or put her back in bed. If I have already turned on the shower when she wakes up, I worry about wasted water or having a cold shower so I turn it back off until ready. With the new shower head, there is no worry! If I have to do something while the shower warms up, I just listen for the ‘drip drip’ sound that lets me know the shower is ready.

To me the feel of the new shower head, even though it’s lower flow, actually feels stronger than our old shower head and I had no problem rinsing my hair or other..

My only complaint would be that the stream of water is a bit narrow compared to our old shower head but I am already used to it, and it can save my skin when someone flushes because the stream is concentrated enough to dodge the superheated flush blast if I push the head down fast enough. Evolve also makes some really fancy heads with many different spray structures, even detachable heads but only the Roadrunner combines the ShowerStart technology with lower-flow which equals a higher savings.

Overall, I am very impressed with this very eco-friendly company and their innovation with this shower head line. Here are a few more facts about the Roadrunner:

  • Pressure compensating technology regulates pressure even in lower water pressure homes
  • 1.5 GPM flow vs Standard 2.5GPM flow saves 1 gallon of water every minute
  • Anti-clog nozzles with rub clean design – just rub to unclog hard water deposits in nozzles
  • ShowerStart automatically resets after each shower
  • $246 yearly utility savings with a 2 months payback time on the cost*
  • 8218 gallons yearly water savings*

And as a final thought, I would say that if you shower and you like money, you would benefit from this shower head. Check out the Evolve website for all the other shower heads that are offered if the lower-flow scares you. Some of their shower heads are really fancy and I can see why they label them Luxury shower heads.


** This is not a paid post. Evolve did provide the shower head at my request.

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