Dillyeo Too Sweet to Pass Up

I don’t usually post deals from Dillyeo here unless they are giving away gift certificates but being in the IT profession, I keep a pretty close eye on technology and electronic prices, and this deal is really good. If you are looking for a computer and strapped for cash, this is just the thing for you.

Dillyeo has a deal for the next 24 hours on a Dell Optiplex with 2GB ram, a pretty decent Intel processor (manufactured circa 2003) and Windows XP Pro for about $175. You can add a 17″ wide screen monitor to that for an extra $90 which is a really good deal on a monitor that size and quality. I am not a Dell fan, but for the price this is a great deal.

They also have the option to add a mouse and keyboard to that for $30 extra but I would pass on those. You can easily pick up a mouse and keyboard for much cheaper than that, though they are Logitech and wireless so its up to you.

So if you’re in need, check it out. Like I said, thats a pretty dang good deal.

Here is the link

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