The Cost of a Clean Shave

Image by The Newb

Image by The Newb

When I first decided to go on a cost diet, the first thing I looked at was decreasing my spending on things that were unnecessary, and when that was over, I looked at decreasing my spending on the essentials. One of those areas is hygiene, which may not be important to some 😉 but I like to smell good and look good. It makes me feel good and then I function better in every area of my life.

Shaving is one of those things that is necessary but requires accessories. Usually to shave, you need a razor and some sort of liquid to soften up the hair. You see, human hair is actually very coarse and damaging even to steel. To the point, razors wear out pretty fast and they cost far too much.

I have sensitive skin, so I normally would have to replace razors more often because a dull blade just wreaks havoc on sensitive skin. I use the Gillette Fusion razors because they give the best shave I have had, with the 5 blades and aloe strip. But replacing Fusion blades, which are meant to last maybe a week (5 shaves or so) in normal conditions, is very costly. A 4 pack costs about $13. That is $3.25 a week, $169 a year! Just to shave! But its completely necessary. Add on shaving cream..don’t even get me started.

So here is what I do to save some dough in that area:

First, I stopped using shaving cream. Like I said I have sensitive skin so I need something, so I started shaving in the shower with the bar soap. Lather up real nice and it really takes the pain away when shaving. I then started using conditioner. We buy really cheap conditioner, and using just a bit on the facial hair really softens it up and the shave is great, plus there is no mess because I am already in the shower. Either method works really well, leaving my skin moisturized and very smooth. Since I have been doing this, my razors actually seemed to last longer, or my face just isn’t taking such a beating because of the lather that I can use a duller blade so I can use a single blade for a month or so.

That just isnt good enough! I want razors to last even longer. One month instead of a week is great but its still costly. I did a little research and found there are a few solutions to lower the cost. One is a solution you have to buy and soak the razor in after each use. The solution would be an extra cost and could only be used a certain number of times so I kept looking. The solution I landed on is

Great Razors cryogenically temper the razors meaning they buy razors in the package and put them in a freezer at -300F. The decrease in temperature hardens the steal and makes the razors last longer.

I bought a 4 pack of the blades to test back in November 2008. The cost was $19.50 including the shipping cost. I have gone through two razors in that time. That brings my cost to about $1.62 per month. The previous cost, if the blade lasted a solid month, was about $3.25 a month. (please correct me if my math is off)

So using these blades and my alternatives to shaving cream, I effectively cut my cost of keeping a clean shave in half!

I would love to hear if anyone else has any tips or if anyone else has used so drop a comment.

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» Cheap SnivelerNo Gravatar said: { Sep 7, 2010 - 10:09:56 }

DRY your blade after shaving. Its the rust that causes the blade to dull.

Random thought: How much money goes down the drain as hot water while you shave in the shower? Unless you use a shutoff valve on your showerhead.
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Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Hey Cheap, it's been a while since I wrote this, and I actually do dry my blades now so that helps. I have also switched shaving methods entirely; see my post here

On your thought, I use a low flow shower head which also does have a shutoff valve, but I don't shut off the water during my shave. My shave only lasts a few minutes longer than my shower normally does, so I don't worry about this factor. Since switching shower heads I have seen a reduction in water usage though, as well as my water bill.

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