8Coupons and Geolocated Deals

A common problem with coupon clipping, especially those of the online variation is that you have to go find where those coupons are good. If you search for coupons for that new pair of shoes, or whatever, once you find a coupon, you have to find where those shoes are sold, and then you have to find where that store is located in relation to where you are coming from.

If you do a ton of shopping, you may have memorized all the stores, and all their stocked items, but if you do a ton of shopping, you probably aren’t that into coupon clipping or saving money in the first place.

A new website called 8coupons.com is trying to solve that problem.

They basically couple your coupon searches with geolocation technology (think Google maps). In the center of their page, they have a big map that shows where each and every deal is. As you search, you can map out your entire search and know where the closest deal is.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and although I have seen some just like this, 8coupons boasts a database of close to 200,000 deals on their site. Previous engines like this that I have used had very few deals listed because they were all completely community driven.

Community based engines are great but you have to have a reason for the community to use the engine to begin with. It’s hard to build something from nothing. 8coupons has the community contributing to their database, but also has national companies, merchants, as well as some high profile blogs contributing so their database is already very full and useful.

Not a bad idea if ya ask me. Have you used a site like this before?

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