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Image by Robert C

Image by Robert C_

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Carnivals I was a part of this week. I don’t normally participate in Carnivals because I really did’t understand how they worked till about now. I joined a few this week and plan to continue to ride them as I go forward with this blog.

The first Carnival of the week was the Carnival of Personal Development where I submitted my article about sleep patterns. The Carnival was hosted over at Purpose Power Coaching by Chris Edgar. He said:

Jesse Michelsen presents Sleep patterns can change a life… saying “Sleep is the lifeblood of … life. Without proper sleep patterns, one can be left feeling drained and unhappy.”

The second Carnival was the Festival of Frugality where I submitted my post about The Cost of a Clean Shave. Always the Planners hosted this Carnival.

Last but not least, a few Carnivals that I was a part of and because I really did’t get how they worked, I neglected to link back to them initially. Sorry about that! But here they are:

The Carnival of Wealth, Money and Life which was hosted by Dollar Frugal.

And the Carnival of Debt Reductions which was hosted by I Pick Up Pennies.

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