Linkworthy: Tooth, Nose and Needle

Every now and again we all have the urge to spout off something probably better left unsaid. My pick of the week goes to Krystal from GiveMeBackMyFiveBucks for doing just that.

Her rant, titled “Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford“, sites her friends poor choices that they continue to make yet complain about regularly. I don’t know about you, but I have been in her shoes, surrounded by people that whine constantly about their problems yet never make the effort to fix them. Here are her final thoughts about her friends possible reasoning:

Sometimes I feel like they think that it’s okay for them to be in debt, because everyone around them is also in debt. And if you’re all in it together, then nobody is getting ahead of each other, because everyone is just drowning. Which is a terrible way to think. But it’s like they’re enabling each other to keep on spending and to keep on buying things. And nobody in the group is going to say anything or change their ways, because they all like their fancy cars and their posh dinners and extravagant vacations.

You tell em Krystal! 😉 …and here are some other gems from around the web:

Some awesome ideas and fun stuff this go around. Keep it up!

Image by Saragoldsmith

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