Linkworthy: Raises, Tips, and a Dead Horse

Getting back to my roots, I am reviving my weekly links post with a Seinfeldian twist. The ongoing series will be categorized under Linkworthy and if you don’t see the correlation to Seinfeld..shame on, catch up to the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ (yea yea I’m obsessed)

Sponge worthy sound bite

So this week we have a pretty good mix of fun, ranting and creative posts.

My personal favorite this week is from the Weakenomics titled: I’m Sick Of Tipping. I am right there with ya Phil. I live in an area where the food quality is horrible at nearly all the food places and the service is not only slow but the servers all have a huge attitude about everything.

Since when should I get attitude for asking for a new spoon or more napkins? If I want to sit in a booth and not at a table, that my right as a paying customer! And I have a hard time not tipping because that’s how I was raised but if someone is giving me horrible service, kiss that tip goodbye (ok I can count the outings I didn’t tip on one hand but grr!). It’s called gratuity for a reason. Here’s a quick exerpt from the article:

Tipping should be earned, and in my opinion unless the person makes minimum wage or a server’s wage, they must make a compelling argument to deserve a tip at all.ย  In other words, their service must blow me out of the water.

That quote nails it. Blow me out of the water or don’t expect a 20% tip.

And the rest of the articles:

That’s it for this week.

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» Mr. INo Gravatar said: { Sep 26, 2009 - 01:09:53 }

Thanks for mentioning the “Dead Horse” story here. I hope you and your readers will find it informative.

» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Sep 26, 2009 - 02:09:12 }

Thanks for stopping by Mr. I

I think it was a great article and had lessons to learn on so many levels ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep up the good work

» PatrickNo Gravatar said: { Sep 27, 2009 - 10:09:04 }

Thanks for the mention. ๐Ÿ™‚
.-= Patrickยดs last blog ..Credit CARD Act Changes Coming Sooner? =-.

» Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar said: { Sep 27, 2009 - 02:09:41 }

No prob Patrick ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for stopping by

» scottNo Gravatar said: { Sep 27, 2009 - 03:09:25 }

I agree. Either servers are just so used to a tip or completely oblivious to the fact that their service sucks. Good servers in my opinion have these traits. Taking orders by memorization, never an empty plate of glass on the table, letting you know of delays, knowledgeable of their menu, and friendly. If these are demonstrated they will get at tip.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

My thoughts exactly. I’m a generous guy, really, but if I am paying a nice big price for good food in a nice restaurant, I expect the service to be on par and for waitstaff that don’t live up to the build yet expect to be tipped anyway, I would suggest moving on to a new profession.

The resteraunt we frequent the most around here has great service most of the time. We even have a waitress that we request if she’s working. She knows us by name, brings us the things we usually ask for ahead of time (spoon for our daughter as she wasn’t too skilled with a fork yet) and always gets a nice big tip.

Thanks for your input Scott

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