Linkworthy: Conversion, Cocaine and College

Another week just flew by. I’m still playing catchup, so here are more golden oldies to wet your appetite.

My pick this week goes to Simon at Realm of Prosperity and his article titled Changing the Price from Dollars to Work Hours When Shopping. This is something I have done for years. I’m not sure why I started doing this but it just made sense. I usually do this for consumables or ‘stuff’ that will simply not be around very long and compare the price of that stuff to how many hours of my life I would have to give to the man in order to pay for that stuff. The post is succinct so I won’t even quote it this time but it’s worth the read.

Addition goodies this time around:

  • Financial Freak Show discusses thoughts about persistence and excellence in Cocaine Excellence,  spurred by the program called Cocaine Cowboys. I’ve never seen the show myself but I’ve watched Blow with Jonny Depp which is a similar story of being persistent and creating excellence in everything you do. Now you just have to take that and apply it to legitimate business 🙂
  • Though it’s old news now, Jim at Bargaineering highlights the University of Idaho’s free personal finance courses. When it first launched I ran through some of their info, and it certainly is full of good stuff.
  • The Dough Roller talked about 7 Lessons Learned from a Failed Attempt to Refinance a Mortgage. This post stuck with me as I had just gone through a refi. Mine was successful but only because it wasn’t my first go-around and I had learned the 7 lessons before. Number 4 especially is helpful to keep you cool and calm during the whole process.
  • Five Cent Nickel shares some interesting info from research at the University of Pennsylvania in Savers vs Spenders. The info suggests that opposites attract even when it comes to money matters.  I think that’s life’s way of balancing things out and it’s no accident.
  • More on money mistakes and learning from them, Matt at Financial Methods writes Why do We Need Financial Hurdles to Overcome? His thoughts relate well to the workforce. Work experience will usually be favored over a green degree. If ya don’t get what I mean, go read his article.

That’s it for today so have a great weekend!

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