20 Insurance Claims You Won’t Believe

There are some strange insurance claims that go far beyond what most of us would ever consider acceptable. We have all probably considered making a claim for one silly inconvenience or another, but a few people actually follow through with it. Sometimes the insurance carrier is forced to pay out, but in a lot of cases it is merely office fodder that goes down in history as nothing but strange.

Strange Insurance Claims

  1. Alien Abduction – You might not believe it but not only can you purchase alien abduction insurance, it has even been paid out twice. The current policy owner receives a payout of one dollar a year for one million years or until his death, whichever comes first.
  2. Wasp Attack – A driver once claimed that the reason for his accident was wasps, specifically wasps flying up his pants causing him to hit the gas while at a traffic signal.
  3. Runners Insurance – This one sounds like a strange insurance claim, but is not really that unreasonable. Certain insurance companies offer discounts to runners who tend to be healthier, the catch is that you have to participate in a 5K race with a qualifying time.
  4. Paternity Insurance – Almost every guy has nightmares about fathering a child “accidentally.” This insurance, taken out by David Lee Roth during his 1980s heyday would have paid out $1 million at a steep cost of $10,000 per year.
  5. Leg Insurance – If you think you’ve got great gams you may want to protect them. Supermodel Heidi Klum, singer Mariah Carey, and TV personality Mary Hart have all insured their legs.
  6. Chest Hair Insurance – Some ladies like a man with lots of chest hair, those ladies are also usually fans of Mr. Smooth himself, Tom Jones. Instead of insuring his voice the singer actually insures his chest hair. Should it happen to be damaged or fall out Tom gets paid $7,000.000.
  7. Taco Insurance – You might not think that a taco you can get from a fast food chain for less then a dollar is worth very much but the giant Taco Bell would disagree. They took out a policy to pay for a potential $272.8 million in revenue if they had to pay out on a promotion. The promotion? If the 2001 Space Shuttle landed on a Taco Bell marker in the Pacific Ocean.
  8. Soiled Pants – It’s true, a man actually sued to get a new pair of pants because the lavatory closing at a bus station caused him to soil his pants.
  9. Pet Insurance – We’ve all heard of insurance for our pets’ medical expenses but some insurances claims take it a step further. People have tried to get compensation for animals that sleep to much or whose gas is insufferable.
  10. Wildlife Collision – A man in a safari park claimed that he had been in a collision with a zebra. It is very unlikely that a zebra wandered into the slow moving lane of safari vehicles, but in cases of he said/she said the insurance company usually has to pay out.
  11. Missed Flights – While it is common for people to miss flights because they misread a sign or arrived at the airline a few minutes late and can sometimes get compensated for it. One family actually made a claim, which was denied, after they arrived at the airport one full month late for their flight.
  12. Off Timing – One man rear ended a bus when he was coming out of his home early in the morning. His excuse to the insurance carrier was that the bus was there five minutes earlier then the scheduled pick up.
  13. Fantasy Football Compensation – We all know that people take their fantasy football seriously. But, would you go so far as to buy insurance that protects your fantasy team if one of the real players gets injured? Fantasy Sports Insurance will refund your entry fee in the event a specific player has to sit out.
  14. Sniffer Insurance – Some people take their sense of smell very seriously. Dutch Winemaker Ilja Gort is one of those people and he insured his sniffer for 5 million euro.
  15. Thirsty Cow Insurance – Farmers in Africa have a hard time insuring their herds, due to the potential for drought and the difficulty of counting the dead animals. Now there is a policy that can count them via satellite and pays out around $150 per animal.
  16. Rapture Coverage – If there is actually a rapture and you can spend $14.95 to contact your loved ones who were left behind, while you yourself are up in heaven.
  17. Mustache Insurance – If your mustache is the moneymaker you could insure it. Merv Hughes famously insured his mustache, and not his bowling arm for $317,000.
  18. Monkey Emotional Distress – If you have ever been harassed by a monkey at the zoo you might be able to make a claim for emotional distress. These animals can be quite overt with their attention, leading a British man too sue for the cost of the trip. The insurer disagreed but did reimburse him for a camera the monkey had stolen.
  19. Horse Erectile Dysfunction – This one only sounds like a strange insurance claim. However, it is intended for breeders of racing horses to protect them should their private be damaged which prevents them from breeding.
  20. Riot Insurance – There are lots of scary places to live in the world and Thailand is one of them. Because there are so many dangerous protests there the Thai government has issued a free insurance policy for tourists that pays out $10,000 if they are victims of a riot.

These are surely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strange insurance claims. For as long as there has been insurance and lawyers there has been someone willing to pay to protect things that probably don’t need protected and someone to try to get a few dollars for damages that most of us would simply laugh off.

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» Khaleef CrumbleyNo Gravatar said: { Jun 22, 2010 - 01:06:54 }

These are definitely some of the craziest claims that I have heard of! Off timing, soiled pants??? I didn't expect all of this!
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jmichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

🙂 I guess our generation is going to have to come up with some even better ones! Jeniffer Lopez insured her butt..that's pretty interesting as well.

» The Saved QuarterNo Gravatar said: { Jun 22, 2010 - 03:06:22 }

I'll stick to auto, renter's, and life, thanks!
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jmichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

haha I agree! I'm not a huge fan of insurance, so would not willingly pay to insure anything not required by law 🙂 …except maybe my toenail clipping collection!! (just kidding, uhg)

» Car CoachNo Gravatar said: { Jun 24, 2010 - 08:06:54 }

I think #7 and 8 should be on the same policy.
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jmichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

haha very nice..

» Jon DeGroffNo Gravatar said: { Jul 2, 2010 - 07:07:01 }

Great stuff. My wife is an insurance adjuster and while her claims may not be as weird as those, I've come to realize that people will do anything to get a few bucks out of someone else.
Enjoyed the blog.
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» Saving Money TodayNo Gravatar said: { Jul 7, 2010 - 05:07:40 }

LOL…these are great. Monkey Emotional Distress would be a good name for a band.

And the wasp attack I could believe. I can imagine driving out of control if one flew up my pants!
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jmichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Seriously, I couldn't do it lol, it's just too crazy! I couldn't see it worth the humiliation of actually submitting the claim 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

» Church FinanceNo Gravatar said: { Dec 17, 2010 - 01:12:48 }

Mary Hart insured her legs for bazillions!!

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