You Like Bottled Water Don’t You?

Today I want to use a little creative imagery and see if I can paint a picture in your mind…

It’s a summer day in August, around 11 o-clock. You decide to take your children, Jenny and Lance, outside and enjoy the morning before it gets too hot. As you walk out the door, the pool looks so sparkly blue and clear, Jenny and Lance decide to throw their swimsuits on and have a swim. It’s a beautiful day and your husband, Jim, is making sandwiches and some lemonade to bring outside in the cool shade of the patio by the pool. As your kids play in the water, they are splashing and a small breeze catches the mist from the pool and whisks it into your face; it’s chilly but refreshing and you laugh as your kids start a game of Marco Polo.

The sounds of the water and your children are echoing off the surrounding wall of your yard. You can hear other children next door, James and Clara, neighborhood friends, playing in their pool, too and you imagine that most of your neighbors are probably out enjoying the summer morning. You hear a lawnmower and the smell of fresh cut grass tickles your nose.

Your husband finishes making lunch and brings it out to you. You call to the kids to come eat as you have a sip of lemonade; Jim forgot to taste the drink and it doesn’t have enough sugar but it’s still very refreshing, tart and tangy. Jenny and Lance, still dripping wet from the pool come to the table and the water from their swimsuits splashes on the pavement and on your feet, icy cold causing you to emit a gasp. You all enjoy the sandwiches, moist chicken salad on soft, delicious white bread and the lemonade, tart, almost sharp on the tongue, too cold to drink in big gulps.

Sounds nice huh? How bout this…

It’s October, weather in North America is starting to cool down, but where you live, Kenya, is still scalding hot; almost unbearably hot. You are walking on the street, a dusty red road, barefoot because your shoes were stolen during the night. The pebbles from the road under your feet feel hard and sharp but you are used to the pain. You hear a dog barking in the distance and freeze for a moment, startled by the noise and afraid the dog will come your way.

You hear your stomach, but have grown to ignore its constant anger. Your mouth is parched, dry and cracking and you wish that you could only find a small drink of water to cool your tongue and wet your throat. It’s been days since you had a drink.

The hot air comes running at you in the street, burning your eyes and cheeks; you feel the sand in the air cutting your face. You duck down to the ground to try and avoid the sharp air, but the heat from the ground burning up at you is difficult to bear. As you feel the earth under you, for some reason the memory of your brother, buried somewhere underneath you, comes to mind. He died years ago of of dysentery. You lie down on the hot earth, the burning wind running over the top of you, the heat from the ground underneath, and try to think of how the water tasted the last time you had a drink…

I don’t know about you but I prefer the life in suburbia; can you believe that 1 Billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water?

Today is blog action day, and to help out a tiny bit, I want to direct your attention to this page. It’s a campaign for some people I have never met that are giving up their birthdays to supply clean water to people that don’t have. I’d like to help them reach their goal which is 5,000 (why 5k? That’s the average cost of a water project to bring clean water to the people). I urge you, as you drink your clean, refreshing bottled water, share the cool-aid and give if you can to those that have nothing. And remember, it’s not how much you give, the only thing that matters is that you do it.

ps You will find my name on their list.

Image by MatrixRetoastet

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» KevinNo Gravatar said: { Oct 15, 2010 - 11:10:06 }

Very creative story, Jesse. We really do have it good, as much as we like to complain about taxes or whatever else is the news of the day. I'll go check out that site.
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Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Thanks man, anything we can do to help those in need!

» punchdebtNo Gravatar said: { Oct 15, 2010 - 12:10:54 }

You're the man Jesse! We sure do have it better than we deserve.

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

You got that right, with all the California burritos we can eat and nice, cold Evian to drink…maybe we should start a Ca-Burr-ian Charity to drop ship some Cali burritos to Uganda; ah I doubt their stomachs could handle it..

» Kay LynnNo Gravatar said: { Oct 16, 2010 - 09:10:26 }

It's sad to think that so many struggle for clean drinking water while we take it for granted.
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Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Too true, Kay Lynn, too sad and true.

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