Introduction to Voucher Codes and Cash Back

Over the last 12 months the use of online voucher schemes has increased by 650% according to the Institute of Sales Promotion.  Perhaps this isn’t surprising considering the dire financial situation that we’ve found ourselves in, but many of you out there still may not be aware that there are ways to spend online, while still saving money.  In this guide to voucher codes and cash back, we’ll explain how you can do this for yourself.

How do voucher codes work?

Vouchers and coupons can let you access special offers such as discounts, free delivery or buy one get one free offers.  Online retailers have been offering online voucher codes to their customers ever since consumers started logging online to shop. Dedicated voucher code websites have also emerged, and these sites let you find voucher codes for hundreds of retailers in one place.

How do cash back sites work?

Shopping with a cash back site is another way to save money on your shopping.  First of all you have to register with a cash back site of your choice.  Then, when you are shopping online you simply login in your cash back site, find the retailer who is selling whatever you are interested in, then click through to the retailers website.  The cash back site then tracks anything you buy from that retailer (which could include buying a product, signing up for a credit card or insurance policy) and you get a certain percentage of the money you spent back in your cash back account.

Only the right deal

Cash back is a great way to save money, but you have to make sure that you have really found the best deal. A cash back offer of $150 may seem appealing, but using a price comparison site you may find a cheaper deal even when taking into account the cash back you would earn.  As always – shop wisely!

Review Centre Deals

Recently the consumer review website launched a voucher code and cash back site,  It offers a way for customers to save money and earn cash for all their everyday shopping.

Customers can choose from over 2,000 retailers including big names such as Asda, Boots and Debenhams.  Make sure you log in to Review Centre Deals and simply click on the Visit Store link to shop.  There is no minimum purchase in order to start earning and no limit on how much you can earn.

Review Centre Deals also offers money off voucher codes whereby you can get discounts on your purchases plus special deals.  You can still earn cashback when you use a voucher, just remember to visit the retailer via Review Centre Deals.

About the author

Review Centre is an online consumer review website that covers a huge spectrum of products, from savings accounts to reviews of the Google Nexus.  They’ve recently launched a voucher codes and cash back site, Review Centre Deals.

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