Guest Post: How much is that Fetus gonna cost?

For those of you who haven’t heard, we, meaning my wife as I watched, had our second child early May 12th. It has been a pretty crazy weekend so I asked Debt Ninja from Punch Debt In The Face to send over a guest post as I am a bit short on time at the moment. He sent over a very appropriate post about baby costs. I will be following up shortly with a full account of the joyous occasion including pictures but for now, check out what Debt Ninja had to say, and thank you Ninja!

My boy Jesse, had a beautiful baby girl this morning and asked if I would hook him up with a guest post. So hook him up I shall, but not before I give a shoutout to my own website Punch Debt In The Face 😉

I should probably start by apologizing to you readers. Mr. Firewall is infamous for his lengthy well researched posts. I, however, am better known for being less academic (a.k.a stupider). So forgive me if you don’t enjoy this little journey I’m about to take you on…

In honor of Jesse’s new daughter, I figured it would be most appropriate to write about the expenses of having a baby. Note: I do not have a child so I used a nifty baby calculator found here to project the following numbers. So exactly how much does that once pea sized human being cost? Can I get a drumroll please…..buhdundundundundundundun…. $266,698 by the time they graudate from a public college.

Here is a list of that pint-sized adult’s annual estimated expenses….

Housing: $4,398
Food: $2,008
Transportation: $1,695
Clothing: $535
Healthcare: $735
Childcare: $1,330
Miscellaneous: $1,272
College (18 to 22): $12,796
Total Cost by the time they complete: $266,698

Goodness gracious. It costs a hefty chunk of change to bring a little bundle of joy in to this world. I don’t necessarily agree with all the costs, some will be higher and some will probably be lower, but overall I bet that $266K figure is pretty accurate. When the time comes for my wife to pop out some baby debt punchers I guess I’m going to name my first one Quarter…as in quarter of a million dollars, cause that’s what it’s going to cost to raise the thing, I mean baby. So how bout it bloggers, Does a baby really cost a quarter million? If so, is a baby worth that much? Haha, don’t answer that last question.

But seriously, let’s all congratulate Jesse on his new daughter!!!!

Much Love,
Debt Ninja

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» Wojciech @ Fiscal FizzleNo Gravatar said: { May 14, 2009 - 04:05:48 }

I've always been in awe about these figures. The costs of raising a baby are truly incredible!

However, I had a thought as I was reading this. I'm curious to see what the total cost is to maintain YOUR OWN LIFE during the same 18-year span.

I bet if we ran that calculation and compared the two numbers, the baby wouldn't seem like such a big money-sucker after all. 🙂

» JesseNo Gravatar said: { May 14, 2009 - 07:05:32 }

I agree, it probably would far exceed the cost of raising a baby. I mean as a parent you can somewhat control your child's spending of your income in certain areas, as well as finding deals on necessities but as the controlling power, it is sometimes difficult to control one's own spending.

Another interesting thing my wife and I were discussing after reading this guest post is that we don't know that many people who have had college paid for them by their parents. I am paying my own way through college, along with all my friends from high school and all my other similar age group acquaintances.

» J. MoneyNo Gravatar said: { May 15, 2009 - 07:05:46 }

Hells yeah dawg! Congrats again on the bebe – life-altering and awesome (at least so i've heard) 🙂

» JesseNo Gravatar said: { May 16, 2009 - 05:05:39 }

Thanks J, I appreciate it. It really is life altering. With our first, I remember saying things like “I cant do that, I have a family to look after” I is really weird to have responsibility like that 😉

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