9 Unusual Valentines Gift Ideas

Not to be redundant of yesterdays post but after reading through these, I had to post this guest post. These are some very creative ideas to keep things under budget and still very memorable.

Time is running out really fast as the 14th of  February is just a few days away so if your mind is still stuck and you are confused regarding the gifts you should give to your loved ones please don’t worry because we are going to share 9 unusual effective frugal Valentine’s Day gifts ideas which will help you to make your Valentine Day more special and much more romantic. So without further ado here is the list.

Create a Website – Does your loved one spend most of his/her time online? If the answer is YES then you should think about creating a website on this valentine. Create a website/blog with a romantic domain name where you can upload all your pictures, write about the moments you spent together, express your feelings for them etc. Trust me; you can do a lot without having to spend enough money depending on your creativity. (Editors note: This is an awesome idea and something I have thought about for more than just valentines day. Websites are cheap now and live forever on the web. They are a great gift idea for many occasions)

Google Adwords – If your partner uses search engines daily then why don’t you shock them by telling them how much you love them through Google Adwords. You just have to create an Adwords account, target the keywords your partner searches the most, write some ads and you are set. You can use these ads to direct them to your personal website or other landing pages of your choice.

Gift Wrap yourself – Okay, If you are still reading the article then your partner might not be spending too much time online. No problem. Instead of wasting your money on common gifts like cakes, chocolates, cards wrap yourself with gift paper on this Valentine. (Editors note: Fried Green Tomatoes anyone? Saran wrap dresses are hot!)

Create a ringtone – Do a Google search for “create ringtone” and you can find tons of free applications which will help you to create your personalized ringtone. Record a message for your loved one in your own voice and then set it as ringtone on their mobile phones so that they can hear it every time their phone rings. (Editors note: been there, done that. Works like a charm)

Romantic poem – Are you good in writing? Yes! Then use your writing skills in writing a poem expressing your feelings for your loved ones. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior experience of writing a poem. Anything original and genuine can do wonders which are not possible even with expensive gifts.

Shoot a video – Okay. Still reading? Create a small video about your feelings for your partner. Disclose some of your secrets (If there are any). Tell them why they are so special for you. What things you like about them (and maybe few which you don’t like). Talk about the beautiful moments which you spent together. You can also try singing (If you are not a bad singer like me)

Take a break – Take a break from your busy life. Leave your mobile phones and laptops at your home and go to some quite place where you can relax in peace and spend some quality time with your partner far away from the traffic and noise of the city.

Couple’s massage – Spend some quality time together by going for a relaxing couple’s massage where you and your partner will be massaged simultaneously. Alternatively, you can also get some scented oils from the market and give massages to each other.

Cook at your home – Why waste your money on going out for dinner when you can save money and spend some more quality time by cooking at home. But make sure that you have all the things required so that you don’t have to run to the market at the last moment for groceries.

About the author: Gagandeep Singh works for Adrenalin, Australia’s leading online suppliers of unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts like driving V8 Supercars, Skydiving, mountain biking etc

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

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» AshleyNo Gravatar said: { Feb 9, 2010 - 11:02:27 }

Love the picture… pink and sparkly! The Adwords idea is a nerdy little piece of greatness, might try that one out this year. The video idea is cute as well, but if I sang it’d be more torture than a treat LOL!

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

🙂 thanks Ashley, it really seemed to fit. That is another Valentine idea, customized M&Ms with your face on them or personal messages. I’ve seen them around and they aren’t too pricey.

I agree about the Adwords 🙂 so geeky but that would be really cool. Just be aware of google policies and how you would be billed 🙂 what you may want to do is have the ad target your partners name and tell them to google them self so the ad hits the first search page for them, and you don’t get a ton of bogus clicks from others that cost you money.

and I’m sure with the song, it would be the thought that counts 🙂 it’s fun to put yourself in that embarrassing situation, just hope it doesn’t end up on Youtube hah

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