60 Ways to Feel Luxurious Without the Price Tag

No matter how tight money is, it is possible to enjoy a life of luxury without the price tag. One definition of luxury is “a refined way of living” – true luxury has nothing to do with brands or money, but with the feeling of indulgence. Here are 60 ways to feel luxurious without spending excessively.

1. Budget carefully to allow for indulgences

Using and sticking to a budget means that you know where your money is going and you are careful about your spending. This in turn means that you will have some money left over. Instead of throwing the entire amount into your savings account, keep a little to splurge with. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but having some “play funds” and spending on a premeditated purpose can feel like a celebration. Depending on your budget, your treats will vary, but thinking purposefully about what you want and then getting it is so much fun.

2. Savour the moment

Compare the coffee you buy in a rush to the office with the one you linger over in a cafe. Truly savouring something is part of the enjoyment process. Don’t rush over something you enjoy – give yourself the time to appreciate it.

3. Make a few aromatherapy towels

Aromatherapy towels are simple to make, keep well in the fridge and make you feel so pampered.

4. Put a coffeemaker in the bathroom

This will allow you to enjoy your coffee before the kids realize you’re up!

5. Use cold spoons on your eyes

Cold spoons can make you feel better on those days you haven’t had enough sleep.

6. Walk through a historic area at twilight

Historic buildings need time to be properly appreciated, and the twilight glow will set them off beautifully.

7. Have something engraved

Engravings are inexpensive if you get them done at the time of purchase and make you feel special.

8. Have a convenient bathroom hook

Having to slip around looking for a towel is not luxurious at all – keep things convenient.

9. Make a rice heating pillow

Simply fill a thin cotton tube with rice and sew up the ends. Microwave and place over your neck on winter nights.

10. Use a matching sleeping set

Matching sleeping sets are so “60’s movie star” and inexpensive to boot.

11. Ice

Ice is the perfect inexpensive indulgence, whether it’s in iced tea or punchbowls.

12. Manicure set in a leather case

These go on sale after Christmas and contain all the essentials perfectly organized.

13. Portrait of a favourite pet

Appreciate your pets like you do your family members – after all, you love them as much.

14. Plan things

Planning is half the fun – when you anticipate something, you value it all the more when you can enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be only for very long-term luxuries such as a weekend away; you can even look forward to parts of your day that you love, whether it’s the afternoon coffee or the post-dinner dessert. Appreciating the moments of your day can make things seem so much more decadent.

15. Cherish memories

Relive the days you loved – create mementos and photo albums that you enjoy browsing through occasionally.

16. Set a daily indulgence time

Allow yourself some time each day just to relax and do something you love.

17. Use an automatic coffee maker

Have your coffee ready for you in the morning with your automatic coffee maker.

18. Your own vanity table

A vanity table can make you feel like a real lady, with her own place to get ready each day.

19. Keep lotions in lovely bottles

Transfer your bulk moisturizer into lovely bottles you can find at thrift stores.

20. Read a Sunday paper

You can find great deals on Sunday papers and they can be interesting to read.

21. Lemon soap for the kitchen

Lemon soap won’t dissolve, and will remove those cooking smells.

22. Grow a scented flower by the front door

A scented flower plant by the door can set the mood for the whole house.

23. Handkerchief

A handkerchief can wipe tears and brows, things that a tissue cannot do.

24. Slippers

Own a comfortable pair of slippers – you can even make your own!

25. Arrange your toiletries on a towel in your bathroom

Having your toiletries all laid out for you will make you feel like you’re living in a fancy hotel.

26. Notice the light

Part of luxury is beauty, and beautiful things. However, did you know that just about anything can look beautiful? Winston Churchill, who was also an amateur painter, revealed this trick – observe the light, and the objects it falls on will look lovely. Try this during your day – whether it’s the afternoon sun glowing on trees, or your kitchen lighting reflecting off the refrigerator, you will feel as though your world is gorgeous.

27. Buy expensive sheets

Sheets with a high thread count are one thing you will never regret. We spend a third of our day asleep, and the best bedding can make a difference. You don’t have to get brand items – just make sure that the thread count is high enough.

28. Make your bed

It’s always nice to have a well-made bed, so make your bed every morning and you’ll notice what a difference it makes to your day.

29. Launder your bedding regularly

Even if you can’t wash your sheets daily, try to change them every few days – sleeping on clean sheets is a much nicer feeling and it doesn’t cost much more than dirty sheets.

30. Get a good mattress

A good night’s sleep makes a world of difference to your day, so try to buy the best mattress you can afford. (Editors note: I completely agree with this one!)

31. Eat a bit of chocolate each day

Dark chocolate is a rich, glamorous dessert which doesn’t have too many calories, contains anti-oxidants which fight cancer and just makes you feel great – having a little bit each day feels so indulgent.

32. Buy expensive dishwashing soap

It might seem like a strange thing to do, but expensive dishwashing soap is a treat for doing the dishes. Your whole house will fill with the most enjoyable aroma, and cleaning the dishes will change from a chore to feeling like a pampering session.

33. Buy flowers

Flowers do not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can buy an inexpensive single rose and keep it in a vase by your bed. Change the water every day and it will last for a week.

34. Use your good china and crystal

You bought your pretty things because you liked them – don’t just let them gather dust! Instead, use them regularly, or at least as a weekend treat, and enjoy your things.

35. Sort your clothes

Go through your clothes and keep only those that you love and make you look great. Even if you have fewer items at the end of it, you will know that you’re always wearing something you love and that makes you look great.

36. Put a beautiful picture in your wallet

Choose something that you love – every time you open your wallet, you will feel happy.

37. Play music when you eat

High end restaurants play soothing music because it gives the impression of refinement. Try doing the same thing when you eat at home and choose music that you love.

38. De-clutter

Rid your home of unused items and things you don’t love. Afterwards, you will know that only the things you absolutely love are in your home.

39. Buy a silk scarf to wear around your neck

The feeling of silk on your skin is lovely.

40. Plan an afternoon tea

Enjoy the nicest tea or coffee with some decadent snacks and relax.

41. Set your weekend breakfast table the night before

Lay out the plates, glasses and napkins – you’ll come down in the morning and appreciate everything all ready for you.

42. Keep potpourri

Enjoy fresh smelling drawers by keeping potpourri in them.

43. Buy out of season fruit on occasion

Once in a while, buy fresh strawberries or other fruit that you love.

44. Use a good toothbrush

A good toothbrush only costs a little extra, and does a better job of dental hygiene.

45. Find a dark chocolate recipe

Create something decadent and savour it.

46. Drape your backyard in twinkling lights

Lights go on sale after Christmas, and decorating your backyard will give it a resort look.

47. Enjoy scented candles

Scented candles can change the way your entire home feels.

48. Use a decanter instead of drinking straight from the bottle

A crystal decanter doesn’t cost much on eBay, but makes you feel like you live on a movie set.

49. Use an aromatic moisturizer

You only need a little bit to feel completely pampered.

50. Use champagne glasses

The right glasses don’t cost much, and make all beverages more fun to drink.

51. Spa at home

You can create your own, economic spa at home with candles, foot soaks and moisturizers.

52. Use a shawl

A shawl is elegant and classy – and doesn’t cost a fortune.

53. Shrimp or exotic seafood

Shrimp and exotic seafood goes on sale occasionally, so enjoy a fancy seafood meal at home.

54. Buy a great decaffeinated coffee

Store your decaf in the fridge, and enjoy a late night coffee without worrying about upsetting your sleep patterns.

55. Fire in the fireplace

A crackling warm fire can brighten up any winter day.

56. Use your library

You can enjoy your favourite books for free just by making use of these council resources.

57. Have a special cup for hot chocolate

Buy a cup you love and reserve it for special warm, soothing drinks.

58. Plan a hot drink time

Plan a time to snuggle in with a hot drink, fluffy blankets and a good book.

59. Have a bubble bath

Relax and forget your stresses with a warm bubble bath.

60. Get enough sunlight

This is advice coming from a reformed vampire – staying indoors and not getting enough sunlight means that your body will be producing less Vitamin D, which means you will be more prone to tiredness and depression. Make it a point to soak up the sunlight each day and enjoy the happier, lighter mood.

This article was submitted by William. William writes about frugality, personal finance and real estate for a mortgage comparison website that offers advice and a range of competitive mortgages for all types of home buyers.

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Ha ha, that was a pretty entertaining article. Makes me think of cultured people who don't necc have a lot of money but somehow seem rich…. It's all in the details.
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Absolutely. It's funny because a lot of areas around where I live have awesome small theatre productions, and really classy activities, that are put on by the colleges around here, are really inexpensive and can make you feel upper class without the huge price tag.

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