Modest Meals: Egg Salad Sandwich

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Egg Salad may sound like a simple and common place meal and if you think that, you would probably be right. It is very simple, easy to make, quick and pretty tasty depending on how you make it. And that’s what this series is all about, cheap, easy, quick and healthy if I can squeeze it in there!

Lets get right down to business.

Egg Salad Sandwich:

  • 6 Boiled Eggs ($1.79 far larges, .90 cents for 6)
  • 1 Tablespoon Mayo or Miracle Whip ($2.00 for a jar)
  • 1 Tablespoon Relish ($2.00 a jar)
  • Bread ($2.00 a loaf, about 24 pieces to a loaf)
  1. Boil eggs in about two inches of water for about 15-20 minutes
  2. Peel eggs and dice. Chunk size can vary depending on your style
  3. Mix eggs in bowl with mayo and relish
  4. Spread on bread, top with optionals and enjoy

Total cost: about $8 if you have to buy everything and use up all the ingredients

I would put a more realistic cost on this at about $.25 cents a sandwich.

Egg Salad recipes can vary so much depending on a persons taste, nationality, available resources or even allergies 😉 I like relish but rarely see it in other Egg Salad recipes.

Things I commonly see added to Egg Salad sandwiches include: red, white or green onion, paprika, mustard, capers, chives, salt and pepper, and bacon. I usually make Egg Salad as a quick meal, so I just do it really basic and enjoy. For this particular sandwich, I had already made home made bread and boiled the eggs so it took about a minute to prepare and even less time to devour 😉

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» DonNo Gravatar said: { Sep 23, 2009 - 04:09:06 }

Sounds appealing,let me try one right away 😉

Jesse MichelsenNo Gravatar Reply:

Good to hear, eggs are good just about any time as well as egg salad sandwiches. If you try my recipe, let me know how it goes!

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