An Example Of Out Of The Box Thinking To Expand Business Growth

I heard something interesting on the radio the other morning; a casino in the UK is completely remodeling their casino floor to include a non-smoking area and it’s costing them something to the tune of $90,000. That’s a pretty hefty but if you consider that not having a non-smoking area excludes a large amount of people (especially with what we now know about smoking and all the groups promoting the fights against cancer) that could be throwing their money away, flushing it right into slot machines or whatever, I think this casino is making a really smart move.

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Frank Costanza are going into business together selling a bra specifically designed for men. They called it The Bro (or The Mansiere)…

KRAMER: Now, it’s called the bro.
FRANK: Or, the mansiere.
KRAMER: Yeah, but I prefer the bro.
FRANK: I like mansiere.
Kramer puts the bro on the desk.
FARKUS: Well, I have to tell you, it’s a very interesting idea.
FARKUS: You know, selling bras exclusively to women, we’re really only utilizing fifty percent of the market.
FRANK: (to Kramer) That’s what we figured, huh?
KRAMER: (to Frank) I told you.
FARKUS: And, to be perfectly frank, I’ve always felt I could use some support. I know, when I’m wearing Banlon, there appears to be some jiggling.
FRANK: (vehement) I wouldn’t be caught dead in Banlon.
Kramer shakes his head at the very thought of Banlon.
FARKUS: Well, I still have to talk about this to Mr. Degrunmont…
KRAMER: Of course, yes.
FARKUS: …But, barring any unforeseen developments, gentlemen, I think we’re sitting on a winner.

Although the idea is silly, a bra for men, the premise is quite simple and genius. The bra industry is marketing strictly to women, when in our society their are plenty of men that could benefit from some support and companies in the industry really are limiting their business to roughly 57% of the population of the world. By changing their product and marketing strategy, they could increase their revenue by almost 200%

This casino realized that by not having a non-smoking area, they were limiting their clientele to those that smoke or can tolerate the smoke and by adding this addition, for $90,000, they could bring in more customers and increase their revenue. The results are presently unknown, but I think that they did right. I know that I stay out of casinos primarily because I can’t handle the smoke. If there was a non-smoking area that contained a buffet, you know I’d be there 🙂

The economy downturn has hit businesses pretty hard in some areas and they really have to come up with new ideas to increase their profits without sacrificing the customer experience because the buying population is also hurting and won’t tolerate anything less than a perfect experience without making a fuss.

What do you think, is this a smart move? Are there any other industries that you see limiting themselves?

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