About me

My name is Jesse Michelsen. I am 23 years old, married and have 2 children with one on the way.

I currently live in Utah where I work as a Data Support Specialist (a fancy title meaning Computer Technician) and I am going to school to be a software developer.

My wife and both come from large families with (my wife is 1 of 10 and I am 1 of 7) and I was taught the importance of frugality at a young age. I was always responsible for making my own money, managing it and purchasing anything I wanted because with so many kids, my parents purse strings were always tight.

After moving out I forgot all the lessons I learned when I was younger and I went on a spending spree. I bought a brand new car (Toyota Corolla, purchased for the mileage benefit and the practical usage, but still sporty) and racked up some credit card debt.

Since then I have moved out of state from my parents, gotten married, bought a house, had a baby and have decided to take the blindfold off and start to keep track of my finances more carefully.

This little piece of the virtual world is my way of spreading any tips, tricks or strategies about managing money, saving money and general personal finance around to anyone out there that will listen. I know personal finance is a touchy subject and many people like to forget it but for those that are eager and looking for any clues on getting out of the maze of the middle/lower class, debt ridden consumer, you have come to a place that may help.

About this blog

This January, 2009 I decided as my new years resolution that I would get things in order. I wanted to improve in every aspect of my life. Including but not limited to fitness and eating habits, education, profession, and obviously money.

So in the money area I sat down and looked at all my finances, ins and outs, and decided there were a few that I wanted to try and decrease or increase. After finding a great deal of things that I can do and did to increase my financial well being in January, I wanted to tell everyone about them but I had no audience. I started reading some of the personal finance blogs I found and the idea was born (or stolen) to set up a personal finance blog to not only educate others that care enough to drop by but to create a network and educate myself continually.

About the blog name

I am in the Information Technology field and needless to say I deal with firewalls plenty. I was trying to think of a good name for my blog and was thinking about the purpose of this blog, to learn and teach how to protect one’s money. I then thought about what things protect and firewall came to mind.

The definition of a firewall is: an integrated collection of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized…

I will not bore you any more with the rest of the definition as our key phase was already hit, prevent unauthorized. In my mind that means preventing anything coming in or going out through the firewall, including money passing through my imaginary personal finance firewall.

This blog, my personal finance firewall, will be used to track everything going in or out of my personal finance and I will try and provide any ways I have found to patch breaches in my personal finance firewall such as too much money paid out to interest, unnecessary service charges and the like.

I hope anyone visiting will find something that becomes useful in their own lives, heaven knows we all need a little help from our friends.